We are the Abyssal Fog Fleet. We are a small yet deadly force, whose ships roam the seas and conduct pirating raids on targets, steal the goods and sink the ships (after moving the crew of the ship, of course: we are not monsters).

If the life of raiding is right for you, then join and sign up today for a chance of glory at the high seas and to leave your mark on history.

How to Join

Before you can go and join this wonderful navy, you must first prove you are worthy of being considered a warrior by filling out this simple application form and then send it to high command.

1) What is your name?

2) What ships do you wish to bring (cruiser warships are preferred, but any really will do)?

3) Are you in any other navies in the Wikia?

4) Why do you wish to join?

5) What do you wish to achieve as a pirating captain?

6) What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen pegasus?


Grand Admiral Leonidas Vladator: Known as 'Lord Dharak', he is a calm and composed man, but a little on the brass and reckless side, often biting a little more than he should really chew. Not very popular with other officers and commanders, the normal sailors love him for his bravery and treatment of men under his command.

Rules of the Navy

1) Be respectful to all members, big and small.

2) No uncensored swearing.

3) No allinace making without Fleet Admiral permission.

4) All ships must use a red, grey and black colour scheme.


CODE Green: At peace. Business as usual.

CODE Yellow:

CODE Orange:


CODE Purple:

Ships in the Navy