• Kittyswinger

    rip wiki

    February 6, 2018 by Kittyswinger

    so... what happens now?

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  • SaltySeaAdmiral

    Just wanted to check in after all these years and see how everyone is. Has anyone heard from Hansa or TATO about either of their games? How's the discord as well!?

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  • Marcboy99


    November 11, 2017 by Marcboy99

    As you probably know, I haven’t been online for awhile(since August I think). Well the reasons are fairly straight forward.

    First off, it’s my senior year of High School and I’m focusing on that so I can ace all my classes. Pure and simple.

    Second, colleges. I’ve been applying to colleges for awhile now to get a Naval Architecture Degree and design Military Ships. The process is long and grueling but the hardest part is waiting on their decision and while I wait, I really can’t think clearly.

    Third, as some of you know, my dad recently was treated for Pancreatitis. What you may not know is how bad it was. Pancreatitis is lethal if left alone, but we got him to the hospital in time. However, it scared his Pancreatitis and cause issues with his…

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  • Neutralartuen

    Okay, since I don't have a place to put it I'll just make it in a blog post right here. This is basically a list of all military deployments overseas. This doesn't include ships deployed in battles, only the defensive fleets of territories and all those stuff.

    Major Bases

    Naval Vessels

    - 2nd Fleet * Batangas-Class CVG (1), 100 x Animo * Surigao-Class CVLG (2), 100 x Animo * Bulusan-Class CAG (3) * Matapang-Class DDG (8) * Ravena-Class PVO (12)


    - Multirole Fighters * F/A-20 Golden Eagle (95) * F/A-45 Animo (183) * F/A-50 Fighting Eagle (109) - Strategic Bombers * B-2 Maya (8) * B-4 Mulawin (3) - Other Aircraft * AC-20 (1) * P-1 Dagat (1)

    Ground Forces

    - Troops * 2,942 Regular Soldiers * 752 Marines * 655 Naval Engineers * 1,024 PGDF Irregular… Read more >
  • Kittyswinger


    August 27, 2017 by Kittyswinger

    Hello, I don't care if you want to say your final thoughts on me, call me out, or etc. but, I will be officially taking my leave from the BSCF-BSCG wiki's, I will be leaving the discord and I do not know if I will decide to come back, but ultimately, this wiki has become far less fun than it use to be, the numbers have gone high (as they would in normal progression), wars are stale, alliances are spammed, and no one fights like they use to before, the wiki has ultimately become more of just a stress problem which I can eliminate with this single post, now then, as for everyone's last regards

    Gonna stay on the discord actually so fuck that

    Anyways, as for my navies

    Cattiria: all land, with the exception of Australia, will be listed as black la…

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  • Kittyswinger

    Fleet Status:

    -95% Of fleet outside of national Hawaiian waters (Numbers TBA)

    -5% Of fleet on patrol of Australian Territory (Numbers TBA)

    -65% Of Tanks and Troops in invasion force with primary fleet (Numbers TBA)

    -20% Of Tanks in Troops in Indonesia (Numbers TBA)

    -10% Of Tanks and Troops in Australia (Numbers TBA)

    -5% Armed Forces in Islandic territories and Oceanic regions (Numbers probably never TBA cause island spam will be hell)



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  • Void Samukai

    Greetings, you seabags. Void Samukai here. Welcome to my restaurant where anyone can talk about games Naval related, from World of Warships to Naval Strike and Kancolle to Battleship Craft (lol)

    • This blog is for discussion of any games naval related.
    • Standard Rules apply: No flame war, no unconstructive sh!te, no uncencored swears, no insulting you get the jist. No nothing that isn't naval gaming related. If you want to talk about that kind of stuff, take it elsewhere and not here.
    • To talk about Naval Frontline and World War Battleship, go to here:
    • Have Fun!
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  • Neutralartuen

    Transportation in the Philippines is significantly well-developed. As certain remote areas are unreachable due to the nature of an archipelago, certain portions of the transport system were left just as undeveloped as they were in the latter part of the 20th century. However, in most well-populated areas, transportation has undergone a significant change and is highly efficient. The backbone of the country's transportation is the Philippine High-Speed Railway Network, a state-owned high-speed railway which effectively links 11 major islands in the country.

    The road system of the archipelago is not as advanced as the HSR network, but modern and sufficient for good transportation. Ever since the advent of modern rail networks, the country's terr…

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  • Marcboy99

    Word Mark

    July 18, 2017 by Marcboy99

    K, you know that thing on the upper left hand of each page that says Battleship Craft Fleets? Click on it and it sends you to the home page? Yeah, that's a Wordmark, and we need a new one. So, if anyone can make one, I would be very grateful.

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  • Kittyswinger

    Due to a recent family emergency and while being on vacation, I will not post until Friday afternoon, I will be on discord, any questions msg me in on, apologies.

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  • Neutralartuen

    Yes, I know there is already Polandball: BSCF Edition. We need a new one, especially since Flamme is now gone (Or inactive). So, I've decided to create my own, with an actual name, and who knows? It might grow. Feel free to add more comics in the comments.

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  • Neutralartuen

    Just a question.

    June 27, 2017 by Neutralartuen

    What is the legality of creating a new island? Is there some sort of process to it, or can anyone just smack another island onto the map?

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  • Marcboy99


    June 3, 2017 by Marcboy99

    So as many of you know, I've been on leave for a bit for school. Well, that's about to drastically change. Yesterday I got the heart wrenching news that a friend of mine was killed when his motorcycle was hit by a car. So I really don't think I am in the right mindset to get back into RP ATM. Idk how long I will need to recover from this but, well, I just don't know. Until I'm back, have fun guys.

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  • Neutralartuen

    OOC: Let's start!

    Clark International Airport

    Crowds of onlookers and reporters alike gather around a dark figure surrounded by soldiers. He is Grand Marshal Thinh himself, arriving in the country for a meeting regarding the past Spratly Island disputes. His entourage of bodyguards escorts him to the front of the airport where a convoy is waiting.

    Ninoy Aquino International Airport

    Meanwhile, the Chinese representative [UNKNOWN NAME]'s aircraft lands on the runway. This is to avoid hassle and danger of criminals if the two representatives would be at the same place. He is greeted by considerably fewer people aside from soldiers and airmen, since the airport has been mostly diverted to military purposes. He is escorted to the front of the airpo…

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  • Neutralartuen

    Rossi's Escape

    May 17, 2017 by Neutralartuen
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  • Skynet1864

    I don't know if there is someone who still thinks that I work with Flamme, but if there is then let me tell you that I do not work with him anymore. It should be pretty obvious that we will probably never work together again, and that he clearly hates me (I have even heard that he has even put a bounty on me). So to everyone who dislikes me because of my work with Flamme, let me inform you that we are not working together anymore and we don't get along very well anymore, so please don't hate me because of my involvement with him.

    I know I have made some controversial things before but I have changed, I do swear that I will not make RP breaking weapons or explore loopholes. And if anyone has a reason to dislike or hate me then please tell me…

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  • Tankswinger
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  • Neutralartuen

    The Coalition delegate boards a small boat which ferries him to the Cebu City Naval Base. There, he is ushered to a small meeting room. As the doors open and cool air rushes in, Fleet Admiral Manuel Ricarte is seated on the other side, waiting. The room is only very small, with a capacity of 6 people only. Either way, they are only 2, so they can use the room.

    "Welcome! Have a seat." Manuel gestures for Marcello to sit down.

    "So, what brings your massive Coalition and German task force here to our humble base?" Manuel asks.

    (Skynet continues at the comments section)

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  • Neutralartuen

    Just wondering, is there any difference between the terms "trade pact", "trade agreement" and "trade alliance"? And if there are, what are the criteria? Most nations interchange the terms as if they were synonyms but I've seen some (e.g. Canada) who treat them differently.

    Also, do you require a trade pact/alliance/agreement to do civilian trade? Because if not then technically anyone can trade (non-military) stuff to anyone else.

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  • Neutralartuen


    May 8, 2017 by Neutralartuen

    Okay, currently at Defcon 1 and overloaded by wørk on the Philippine page. So I just made a little (not-so little) checklist for myself to keep track of progress. Do not mind this, please disregard.



    • Organize Philippine Defense Force
    • Organize Naval Support Command
    • Re-Calculate GFP Organization for 4th Fleet
    • Develop anti-ballistic missile
    • Purchase stealth aircraft from Coalition nations
    • Build stealth aircraft for PAF
    • Reinforce Ogasawara
    • Reinforce Palau
    • Reinforce East Micronesia
    • Develop new landing craft
    • Post new designs
    • Organize Coastal Defense Force
    • Update Production History
    • Remove auxiliaries from Ship Classifications
    • Organize Missile Boat Squadrons
    • Develop new assault rifle
    • Build RO-RO for vehicle transport


    • Anti-B…
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  • Neutralartuen


    May 7, 2017 by Neutralartuen

    Just notifying you guys, BSC:WW is up. I am not begging for members or anything, nor am I affliated to that Lxrdd or Garrett or anything. I just want to set up a small BSCF-like community building WW2-era ships instead of modern guided missile stealth destroyers. So join if you like, I am willing to accept anyone in.


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  • Marcboy99


    May 6, 2017 by Marcboy99

    Ok, so, as you may have noticed, oh lack there of, I haven't been in RP for awhile. Am I taking a break? No. Am I playing another game? No. Am I just deciding not to come on? No. The reason is simple, I need to finish my Junior Year with a spectacular GPA, ACT and AP Tests. On top of that, I am making a few models that I have been dying to make. I simply have no time for RP, period. I really want to participate, I seriously do, but I can't. Plus, I've been bombarded with questions and statements on why I'm inactive and I'm just done explaining. As for Flame, which is the main reason why I did this, I'm tired of your shit with threats and rude comments on trying to get France so just stop. NOW!

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  • Lxrdd

    i am not here to do bad but to ask people to join me on this wiki, possibly transfer navies, and to promote it, its not very limited (limited devastators on a ship depending on toughness+limits to what can be brought over to this wiki(tech related and not ship related, but you will have to earn your ships back in a legit way+other rules to come) i will be careful with admin choices as of which i will not do so until we have a structure and a flow.

    link here to wiki


    seriousness aside, i also did a new video on my channel, link here

    anyways, have a nice day :)

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  • Neutralartuen

    A massive battle group is formed. It is composed of squadrons PF-3H, PF-5H and PF-1L. Accompanying the fleet is the GFP La Union (200 MX-1) and 2 ships of the Surigao-Class Light Carrier (50 Superhawks each), escorted by the squadron PF-4L. An invasion force, composed of 4 Bataan-Class LHDs and 4 LSHCs, a total of 36 HC6 Hovercraft and 7,920 troops. 20 LCT-1 landing craft are also present, bringing: 24 M1 Ranger MBTs, 45 EDSA-I Heavy Tanks, and 99 FV4035 Lynx IFVs. The entire force sets sail towards Palau and the Federated States of Micronesia.

    The large fleet, however, will not attack. It will support the Philippine annexation of Palau and the Federated States of Micronesia, and to secure stability in the region. Weapons will only be used …

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  • CommodoreGregory

    Read the Title

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  • Neutralartuen

    As the title says. I feel that the way we do battles here is terribly wrong, and it must be reorganized. We have grown accustomed to the "huge fleet"-type of battle, because of the huge ship numbers of BSCN and the extent of the RP. But here in BSCF, the situation is totally different. We are now restricted by a point system as to not spam ships. The entire RP takes place on Earth, except for some [extremely] minor things. Yet we still arrange huge fleets and battle them togather. That's why the wiki is dying.

    So, what exactly do we do in a battle? Let me cite an example: Kitty's invasion of Papua New Guinea. Notice how he assembled a huge force of soldiers and aircraft, and simply announced that he had "invaded Papua New Guinea". Now I am …

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  • Neutralartuen

    NAP Replies

    April 26, 2017 by Neutralartuen

    Okay, so as you all know I have been doing an absolute spam of NAPs recently. The reason is (Aside from #PacificPeace), I may soon start something like RIMPAC just as Nimitz suggested. Anyway, please post your replies here instead of on the messages I posted on your fleets so it won't be too unorganized. Cheers!

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  • FlammeumDraco333


    April 26, 2017 by FlammeumDraco333

    Yeah, if someone could provide a reason as to why I'm banned, that'd be great. Because the only thing I did was post a meme about Kim Jong Un's steam account and post an old picture of my ships, so if that's a reason for a ban, pretty sure we need to shut down that whole server, because everyone has posted pictures of their ships and memes.

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  • FlammeumDraco333


    "I've had enough of this!" Roared Sovreno Motta, angrily throwing his pen across the room, "Why must we support the Yugoslavians and Greeks in the East? The fight against the communists is not our fight! Yet we send our young boys and men over to sit and watch the communists starve, while at home we face the constant threat of a Chilean invasion! Our fight is not against the communists of the east, it is against the communists of the west!"

    "Aye, I agree," calmly stated another adviser, "why must our funds be diverted to the east, when they are more desperately needed on our coasts? Our donations and sacrifices for the good of the Coalition has only weakened us."

    Several other representatives and advisers nod in approval, many talking …

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  • Kittyswinger

    New world proposal:

    As we all know, land in roleplay doesn't have much actual value, so why not introduce A large continental land mass up for "constant" grab, due to heavy and immense storming of the regions military satellites and communications are very difficult to get through.

    meaning, you won't know what nation is what, who is who, basically a Free for all over a distribution of valuable land, and that given value will shift from regions from time to time, making you want to expand into the other regions and fight off other nations (ally's included) for the resources (likely points)

    Essentially, this idea would also include a "max" limit of military units so no super powers can completely dominate the regions

    It would always be a testing…

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  • Kittyswinger

    Invasions of Georgian Countries

    In the black sea, 23 Type 4 frigates escorted by 2 empire classes and 4 DDCV classes break the horizion dawn, the DDCV's deploy a safe CAP of fighter aircraft around the fleet, and 45 aircraft begin to head inland equipped with bombs and anti ground munitions.

    10 Yi ling destroyers are also present outside the formation and begin to strike co-ordinated land targets with missile barrages.

    the frigates begin to deploy landing crafts and are carrying a troop load of 43,000 army units and 12,000 marines.

    they are expected to hit the beaches after the aircraft have commenced their attack runs..

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  • Neutralartuen

    Just a request...

    April 10, 2017 by Neutralartuen

    Original Idea: Skynet1864

    I suggest changing the term "super cruiser" to "dreadnought", since "super cruiser" really doesn't sound nice. The perfect definition for a ship with a few big guns would be a dreadnought, if you'll see pictures of some.

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  • Neutralartuen

    Sooooooo, back. Welcome back to the Neutral News, an attempted [dead] project to report on the events that happened in BSCF! Well, it's been revived. And instead of reporting on the whole world, it will only cover the news regarding the Philippines and its surroundings.

    DISCLAIMER: All information in this post is OOC, using it IC would be metagaming unless your character was present.

    • Status of the "Convoy Raid" post

    So, basically, let's sum it up. Tokugawa sank another convoy, Arisaka katana'd more officers and made more haikus as always, Telosia and the GFP (and LISCOR) got triggered and sent an entire armada full of battleships, submarines, aircraft carriers, and much more to find and DESTROY the Tokugawa. Meanwhile Chichijima sits in peace…

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  • Marcboy99

    Map Competition

    March 17, 2017 by Marcboy99

    We need new maps for the Map Room, so here we go! Two Categories, you can apply for one or both, your choice.

    • Must include all landmasses in RP.
    • Must include a legend that shows all RP Countries.
    • Must be accurate.

    • Must include a legend that shows all RP Countries.
    • Must do a map set of each continent.
    • Must be accurate.
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  • FlammeumDraco333

    Praise Kek

    March 16, 2017 by FlammeumDraco333

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  • Volksarmee

    So basically, what I have been doing for the past month is waiting for my new tower to arrive. Took bloody ages (Can't trust Canadian shipping) but I have finally received my new tower for my desktop. Don't worry, everything is back to normal. 

    The tower is dead .... Long live the new tower (Fingers crossed)

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  • Neutralartuen

    Hello and welcome to the first Neutral News! I will be doing this on a daily basis if I have time. Here on Neutral News you can find out the latest news on Xenda Industries and some other planned stuff that may come out soon!


    • Recently there have been plans made to establish a caretaker government for the Philippines, so Telosia wouldn't have to keep babysitting the whole archipelago. It is called TCOP, or Telosian Commnwealth of the Philippines. My character, Jose Roxas will be made President of the new government under the Telosians. Nimitz 77, commander of Telosian forces in NZ will gift the Philippines some ships. The ships have already been delivered to Xenda Yards and will be tranferred to the Phili…

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  • Kittyswinger


    After Singapore was reformed, to put themselfs "on the map", the Singaporean Admirial Juno Eclipse has taken it upon herself to get the first Singaporean colony, and the designated target has been selected to be Madagascar..

    Over the horizon, Operation Paridise takes place, with numerous minor ships conducting coastal bombardments, as a dozens of marine bridgades hit the shorelines, and aircraft conduct airraids on the minor military facilitys on the small island, dozens of AFV's (singapore irl has like 2000, just gonna use those) make way onto the the shorelines...

    Somalia and other east african coasts (above south africa)

    The Primarily undamaged 3rd Cattirian fleet arrives and begins deploying her carriers aircraft and conducting …

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  • Kittyswinger


    74 Yi ling class destroyers

    36 Neumpore class destroyers

    13 Mayal class cruisers

    11 Jurong class Battlecruisers

    11 Cady class heavy cruisers

    7 DDCV Nuempore class Cruisers/Carriers

    2 Singapore class Battleship's, 9 Gunner flagships Singapore and Dawnbreak

    6 Empire Classe Battlecruisers

    94 Type-4 Frigates

    1 Peace breaker class battlecruiser

    7 Serangoon class cruiser's

    20 Empress Cady class carrier's

    11 Type-5 Frigate

    6 Trident class battleshop

    1 SNS CV-100 Juno Eclipse

    Convoy Ships: F**k Tons

    Total ships: 251   Aircraft: 6,000  aircraft

    1,500 Aetheons

    2,000 Diables

    2,500 Condors

    Land units: 200,000 Marines/Coastal invasion units, 800,000 army personel, 200,000 reserve

    Madagascar Colonial Military

    40 Yi Ling classes

    10 Neumpore classes

    3 Mayal classes

    3 Jurong …

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  • WolfgangBSC

    Naval Frontline Tavern

    February 25, 2017 by WolfgangBSC

    • This is a general meeting place for those who play the game Naval Front-Line.
    • General rules do apply, like don't be a f*cking d*ck, start flame wars or be a general nuisance. No politics or anything off-topic from the subject of this blog, Naval Front-Line. I also highly suggest you don't piss me off.
    • Discuss ships, tactics or whatever, but please keep it related to NF.
    • NF2 (World War Battleship) is also open to discussion here.
    • Have fun!

    Your ingame name and fleet here.

    • SirWolfgang [BSCN]

    Naval Front-Line Facebook page (they constantly update, so go there for news)

    Naval Front-Line Wiki (which could use some more visitors, aswell as contributors)

    Naval Front-Line on the AppStore

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  • NovaTopaz

    End of an Era

    February 22, 2017 by NovaTopaz

    ... Not really, but it gets people's attention.

    Either way, I will no longer be on the wiki's much, if at all. I won't even have time to dedicate to actually get BSCG up and running, or doing some roleplaying on BSCN. I can't. I simply do not have the time anymore. I can't RP, I can't get stuff prepared for stuff dealing with the well being of the wiki, none of that. I might occasionally jump on discord, whenever I get any real free time, but other than that, I just can not do this anymore, what with school restricting the macbook and also me needing to get work done for school. It just can not happen.

    ... While I hate to admit it, and say the obvious to the rest of you, the community is dying. There isn't a whole lot I can do about it now, a…

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  • Kittyswinger

    Reset fleet numbers

    February 4, 2017 by Kittyswinger

    Greetings, it would appear the conversations with all these new ideas on production and points and ship spam, it would appear every single navy in fleets is unbalanced in one area.

    What i propose is when ever the point crap is introduced, all navy's fleet numbers is reset, as introducing points while some navy's are 300 ships ahead of others is not just a bad idea, it would make no sense to not reset all fleet numbers,

    as it would appear everyone's fleet numbers are up to hundreads of ships apart from each other, due to a lot of users having different ideas on production speeds when we first joined fleets, so what I'm suggesting is a reset on fleet numbers, keeping it short and simple, and we then introduce points.

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  • FlammeumDraco333

    This blog is for personal reference, so that I can keep track of the total amount of troops the German Empire has, as well as the organization of such troops. This will also kind of be an archive of old German equipment that has been phased out.

    Name Inventory Number Vehicle Type
    Pz.Kpfw. Leopard 2A4 Sd.Kfz. 1 Main Battle Tank
    Pz.Kpfw. T-72 Sd.Kfz. 2 Main Battle Tank
    Pz.Kpfw. T-55 Sd.Kfz. 3 Medium Tank
    Pz.Kpfw. 68 Sd.Kfz. 4 Medium Tank
    Pz.Kpfw. 55 Centurion Sd.Kfz. 5 Medium Tank
    Stu.G. M109 Sd.Kfz. 6 Self-Propelled Artillery
    Pz.Kpfw. M24 Sd.Kfz. 7 Light Tank
    Stu.G. SpGH DANA Sd.Kfz. 8 Self-Propelled Artillery
    Inf.Pz. Ulan Sd.Kfz. 9 Infantry Fighting Vehicle
    Inf.Pz. BTR-80 Sd.Kfz. 10 Infantry Fighting Vehicle
    Inf.Pz. Pandur 2 Sd.Kfz. 11 Infantry Fighti…

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  • FlammeumDraco333

    As we know, cruisers (light and heavy) are capped out at 356mm gun calibre. Fair enough. Battleships are 356mm gun calibre and up. Okay...

    Here's the problem. What if you want a ship armed with a 380mm or 406mm main armament? Or what if you want only one or two 46cm or 53cm guns, such as on a monitor? What do you do in that case?

    Well, the current system classifies these ships as BATTLESHIPS, but if you've seen ANY of the battleships on this wiki, you'd know that 380mm or 403mm guns are simply... pathetic. Furthermore, that caps you out at just 8-9 ships per class, of ships that aren't even competitive as battleships! Seems kind of ridiculous to me...

    So what's your glorious solution to this problem of 380mm and 406mm gun armed-ships, you mig…

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  • CommodoreGregory

    I'm Back!

    December 20, 2016 by CommodoreGregory


    Hey guys!.. Been a long

    But theres time :3 good news and bad news

    Good News I Have a new Phone :3

    Bad News I lost all my Ships :c

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  • NovaTopaz

    I'm done.

    December 19, 2016 by NovaTopaz

    What it says in the title. I'm done with RPing until further notice. Probably permanently, judging on what efforts I have made and their effect on everything else, which so far has been absolutely nothing. Nothing.

    I might do some short posts, make some ships, whatever, but I'm not going to babysit the BSCN wiki anymore... Or, for that matter, the communityI've said this several times before, and I'll say it again... I don't care who leaves or goes. And now, I am following that, with myself. I'm sick and tired of trying to steer the community into a more stable, longer lasting position with everyone fighting against it half the time. It's time you found out what will happen.

    This isn't some rant to try and get people to come back. I'm done…

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  • Volksarmee

    Supremacy 1914 RP Round

    December 19, 2016 by Volksarmee


    The Random Roleplay Room, where non-canon battles are conducted and members are trained, has now opened a location in Supremacy 1914! Join us now, the game is online and at no cost to you. Account registration is required if you have not played the game before.

    • Round Name: "BSCF Roleplay Room"
    • Volksarmee's account is named "Volkstalin"
    • Password is: volksarmee 
    • Non-gold round; Cost you nothing!
    • Scenario: Balkan Wars

    Hope to see you there!

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  • FlammeumDraco333

    As we all know, one of the most important factors for your navy is what land it controls. This created a lot of problems on BSCN, as we all know, and I'm sure we don't want these problems to come here.

    What often happened on BSCN is that every time a new navy came along, we just slapped a new continent on the map. It got to the point where most navies literally just occupied a continent, which I feel created a bit of a stalemate, as there were no border conflicts to resolve or fight over, and the need for resources was kind of low, since we kept slapping in new systems and planets.

    Now, how do we prevent problems like this from happening again? Here is my idea.

    Limit the amount of land we can have to just the land we have on Earth IRL. This m…

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  • Nimitz 77


    December 17, 2016 by Nimitz 77

    With scout somewhere, I cannot really do anything to Germany. In Telosia I'm pretty much getting ignored on everywhere except the forum. Why do you guys think the wiki is falling to shambles? Or am I doing something wrong?

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  • Kittyswinger

    For Refference, it is no longer "ICR", it is now "PCR"

    4 Imperial Class 

    6 Tanto Class

    8 BB-90 Classes

    3 Renegade Class

    3 Lotus Class

    3 Atlantis Class

    3 Barker Class

    3 Viperouse Class

    8 Korhalalsiski Class

    8 Ryoshislav class

    25 Iron Oak Class cruisers

    35 New Anwen Class destroyers

    2 Commonwealth classes

    35 Australia Classes

    4 Pacific Class

    9 Red Dawn Class

    5 Fatherlands Class

    8 BB-100 Northridge Class

    40 U-44 Class Submarines

    40 Raeytay Class Submarines

    13 Frigates

    1 Rita Class (Flagship)

    5 Cattra Class

    4 Domain Class

    8 BB-157 Cattiria Class

    25 North Ridge Class

    100 Dragoon classes

    40 Albatross Classes

    43 Camazone Classes

    60 Revolutionary Classes

    21 Prinz of Whales Classes

    CV-4 Tiger: Not Added to listings not in service, ceremonial use only

    Osaco classes - 25

    Tiburon Clas…

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