Coalition of European Empires

Morsus Europae Regni



Plus Ultra.

Further beyond.


Rome, Italy

Official Languages

Latin, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Albanian, Serbo-Croat, Macedonian, Various Slavic Languages


Macedonian, Italian, Iberian


Coalition of Kingdoms


  • (Commander) Italian Prime Minister Guido Rossi
  • Macedonian Emperor Alexander Basilius
  • Italian Sovreno Lorenzo Motta
  • Iberian King Rey Filipe VI

Member States

Italian Empire, Unified Kingdom of Iberia, New Macedonian Empire




Empire's Song


Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire, Equilateral Guinea, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, Saint Helena, Sao Tome and Principe, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo

Welcome to the Coalition of European Empires!

We are a group of 3 European empires located along the Mediterranean. We began as a peaceful Coalition, until protests and revolutions rocked the Coalition and forced us to split into our respective nations. But as tensions rose all around Europe, and all around us, we decided to reunite. Led by the Italian Prime Minister Guido Rossi, we seek to be a truly peaceful Coalition. We are no longer a puppet state of that disgraceful Germany, which we believe was the one causing all the tensions. Together we are nothing, united we are everything. We will stand up and face our enemies directly, that is, if we still have some.

General Data and Member States

The Archives

Foreign Relations



  • Swastika Nazis and Other Fascist Sects



  • Armageddon Defense/Offense System: An advanced missile and point defense targeting system, vastly improving the capabilities of the point defense, anti-aircraft, and missile weapons systems on board ships. It allows the tracking and engagement of up to 150 enemy missiles and aircraft at ranges of up to 150km. It also allows for the precise guiding of up to 60 missiles onto target at once.
  • Eagle Eye Command Program: An extensive and powerful command program that tightly links air, land, and naval forces, and allows the effective deployment of large numbers of drones, missiles, or other counter-measures to any hot spot that needs assistance rapidly. It is an extremely robust system, with many backups and security features, making it extremely difficult to take down or hack into.
  • Oto Melar AC/18: An advanced artillery system designed to make our current artillery guns and SPGs more effective on the battlefield. This 155mm main gun features an excessive rate of fire, good accuracy, and very long range, much more so than that of any other artillery gun currently in service. However, this is also a rather expensive weapon, and the 155mm main calibre means its punch is limited compared to the weapons of other nations. It can be easily linked to the Eagle Eye Command program as well, allowing precise fire control where it is needed most.

Naval Forces


Battleships, Battlecruisers, Battlecarriers

Ship Class Number Points Ship Type Status
Caesar-class 2 210 Battleship (9) Active
Themistocles-class 2 210 Battleship (9) Mothballed
Warmonger-class 2 210 Battleship (9) Mothballed
Coalition-class 2 210 Battleship (8) Active
Hades-class 4 210 Battleship (8) Active
Mars-class 3 210 Battleship (7) Active
Littorio-class 3 210 Battleship (7) Active
Vittorio Veneto-class 1 200 Battleship (5) Active
Andrea Doria-class 7 200 Fast Battleship (3) Active
Poseidon-class 1 200 Battlecruiser (8) Active
Kingdom-class 9 190 Battlecruiser (3) Active
Achilles-class 7 190 Battlecarrier Active


Ship Class Number Points Ship Type Status
Santisma Trinidad-class 1 200 Super Carrier Active
Alexander-class 1 200 Super Carrier Active
Aquila-class 24 120 Light Carrier Active
Madrid-class 1 30 Escort Carrier Active


Ship Class Number Points Ship Type Status
Kronos-class 1 120 Super Cruiser Active
Florins-class 1 120 Arsenal Ship Active
Zara-class 2 60 Heavy Cruiser Active
Spartan-class 25 30 Light Cruiser Active


Ship Class Number Points Ship Type Status
Roma-class 21 20 Destroyer Active
Scipio Africanus-class 21 20 Destroyer Active
Santa Maria-class 1 20 Destroyer Active

Light Ships

Ship Class Number Points Ship Type Status
Barcelona-class 21 10 Frigate Active
Hercules-class 9 10 Frigate Active


Ship Class Number Points Ship Type Status
Balilla-class 3 40 SSN Active
Serpent-class 5 50 SSBN Active
Wolf-class 12 40 SSN Active
Hammerhead-class 14 20 SS Active


Ship Class Number Points Ship Type Status
Italica-class N/A N/A Assault Ship Active
Sea Lion-class N/A N/A Landing Craft Active
Jutlandia-class N/A N/A Hospital Ship Active


Battleships, Battlecruisers, Battlecarriers




Light Ships



Air Forces


Vehicle Name Number Type Status
MC 303 1000 Multi-Role Fighter Reserve
EYE class drone 200 Drone Active
AHK-001 0 Hunter-Killer Craft Reserve
AHK-002D 0 Hunter-Killer Drone Reserve
AD-1 0 Hunter-Killer Drone Reserve
AHKC-001 10 Drone Command Craft Active
MC 304 A1 3000 Multi-Role Fighter Reserve
Mantis 50 Gunship Reserve
A-3 1500 Attack Helicopter Active
Valkyrie 2500 Gunship Active
HL-5 Olympus 5000 Transport Active
Warhawk 6000 Bomber Active
MC 307 A1 Phantom 6000 Fighter Active
SM-88B Falcon 5000 Strike Fighter Active
Fiat G 32 Nightwing 800 Stealth Bomber Active


Ground Forces


Equipment Name Number Type Status
Type 1 TD 400 Tank Destroyer Reserve
Type 2 LT 700 Light Tank Reserve
Type 3 MBT 400 Main Battle Tank Reserve
Type 4 HHW One Per Soldier Assault Rifle Reserve
Type 5 HC 200 Hovercraft Active
Type 6 HT 200 Heavy Tank Active
Type 7 HHW One Per Soldier Assault Rifle Reserve
Type 8 HHW One Per Unit Shotgun Active
Type 9 HHW One Per Sniper Sniper Rifle Active
Type 10 HHW One Per Unit Anti-Tank Weapon Active
Type 11 MBT Centurion 700 Main Battle Tank Reserve
Type 12 LT Cataphract 2000 Light Tank Active
Type 13 APC 1400 Armoured Personnel Carrier Active
Type 14 TD 500 Tank Destroyer Active
Type 15 IFV 0 Anti-Infantry Drone Reserve
Type 16 IFV 0 Infantry Support Drone Reserve
Type 17 HHW One Per Unit Full-Auto Shotgun Active
Type 18 HHW One Per Unit Flamethrower Active
Type 19 HHW One Per Soldier Advanced Rifle Active
Type 20 HHW One Per Unit Rocket Launcher Active
Type 21 HHW One Per Unit Grenade Launcher Active
Type 22 MBT Charioteer 2100 Main Battle Tank Active
Type 23 SPG Sagittarii 2100 Self-Propelled Gun Active
Type 24 SPAA Domino 2100 Self-Propelled Anti-Air Active
Type 25 APC Cataphract II 3400 Armoured Fighting Vehicle Active
Type 26 SV 8000 Support Truck Active