Groupe Militaire International

Hello, we are Groupe Militaire International or GMI for short. We are a French based company that constructs and manufactures Replica Firearms and Replica Ships to different nations on any side if the price is right. Our products and ships are of the highest quality and standard as we take pride in everything we make.


Any orders must specify what kind of gun and/or ship you want replicated. Put IC on your order if you want it from GMI or put OOC if you want it from your own nations manufacturer.

Current Orders

Bold means item is completed and delivered


  • Order Date: 7/12/17
  • Order Type: OOC
  • Order: Orion Class Battleship, Agincourt Class Battleship, Erin Class Battleship, Canada Class Battleship, Queen Elizabeth Class Battleship, Revenge Class Battleship, N3 Class Battleship, Nelson Class Battleship, King George V Class Battleship, Lion Class Battleship, Vangaurd Class Battleship


  • Order Date: 7/16/17
  • Order Type: OOC
  • Order: Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Minigun, ATGM


  • Order Date: 7/16/17
  • Order Type: IC
  • Order: Scharnhorst Class Battleship, Bismarck Class Battleship, H-42 Class Battleship, Vangaurd Class Battleship

Completed Orders

Bold means item was cancelled by either party


  • Order Date: 12/20/16
  • Order Type: IC
  • Order: Assault Rifle, Pistol, Machine Gun


  • Order Date: 12/21/16
  • Order Type: OOC
  • Order: Assault Rifle

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