The Islamic State of Southeast Asia or Ad-Dawlah al'Islāmiya Fī Janub Shrq Asia ( الدولة الإسلامية في جنوب شرق آسيا ), also known as ISEA or Da'ija, is an exiled state in Southeast Asia. It claims the entire territory of Malaysia, Borneo, and parts of West Mindanao in the south Philippines. It seeks to establish an independent Islamic state in predominantly Muslim areas in Southeast Asia.


According to Spokesperson Abdul Sararaffah: The Islamic State of Southeast Asia declares a Caliphate over the entirety of Borneo, and the Muslim Mindanao Region of the Philippines. It seeks to unite the oppressed Muslim population in Southeast Asia. It is not a terrorist organization, even if some may consider it to be. It is simply another nation, composed of people with a common goal: full unity of all Muslims worldwide.

Known Members

Claimed Territory

The following areas are de-facto claimed by the ISEA, but not all are military-controlled.

*East Malaysia (Malaysian Borneo)
*Entire Territory
*Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo)
*Muslim Mindanao Autonomous Region

International Relations

  • None, as of now.

The Islamic State of Southeast Asia is one with a considerable number of enemies, all powerful nations. However we will stand up and fight, we will never miss a day of death to the brainless cowardly fighters of these nations!

PCR People's Cattirian Regime

The Cattirians are stupid fools. Because of their pointless bloodlust and addiction to power, they have taken over rightful Muslim lands! Malaysia and Indonesia will never again surrender to their mindless folly. They take our lands, and move us away! How dare they do that! We will, one day, regain our lands by the help of Allah the Almighty!

TelosiaFlag-bright Royal Telosian Navy and Warflag Telosian Commonwealth of the Philippines

The Telosians are stupid barbarians wielding mighty weapons! They, just like Cattiria, wish to expand their imperialist regime into the Philippines! And the Filipino response? They welcomed the Telosians for freeing them from the Cattirians! They are stupid fools who simply switched from one power-addicted nation to another! And what have they done? They tried to wipe us out! They plagued our land, and destroyed our homes and families! We will find our vengeance against these heretic pigs by the help of Allah!

Conventional Equipment

Vehicle Roster
Toyota Corolla: 1

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