Kingdom of Canada

Royaume d' Canada

Flag Kingdom of Amestresia rippling
Coat of Arms Kingdom of Canada
Royal Arms of the Kingdom of Canada


A mari ad mare ad mare

From sea to sea to sea



Official Language

French, English




Unitary parliamentary absolute monarchy


  • Maximilian I

Prime Minister

  • Lillian de Havilland



  • Upper House - House of Lords/Chambre des Lords
  • Lower House - House of Commons/Chambre des communes


  • Total: 9,984,670 km2
    • Canada: 9,984,670 km2




The Maple Leaf Forever

We are the Kingdom of Canada. Ascended from the former United Kingdom of Amestresia and Columbia, which formed from separation, we take our place and seat amongst one of the great powers of the world. United and ruled by our ever-benevolent and all-powerful Monarch, His Majesty Maximilian I, for the first time, we shall claim our glory in the world. Just like the former French and British empires extended their power and influence over the world, we shall do so again in this century.


  • King and Autocrat of Canada/Roi et autocrate de Canada Maximilian I
  • Prime Minister/Premier ministre Lillian de Havilland
  • Deputy Prime Minister/Vice-Premier ministre Hugh Wellington

Governor-Generals of Territories

  • Governor-General of Canada/Gouverneur général du Canada Montgomery Farrington


  • Home Office/Bureau de l'Intérieur
    • Secretary for the Home Department/Secrétaire du Département de l'Intérieur Augustus Hamilton
  • His Majesty's Treasury/Le trésor de Sa Majesté
    • Secretary of the Treasury/Secrétaire du Trésor Harold Butler
  • Ministry of Defence/Ministère de l'défense
    • Minister of Defence/Ministère de l'Défense Olivia Hughes
  • Department for Foreign Affairs/Département des affaires étrangères
    • Minister of Foreign Affairs/Ministère des Affaires étrangères Hugh Wellington
  • Department for Science/Département de science
    • Secretary of Science/Secrétaire de Science Robert Williamson
  • Ministry of Justice/Ministère de l'Justice
    • Minister of Justice/Ministère de l'Justice Melanie Fleming
  • Department for Labour/Département du travail
    • Secretary of Labour/Secrétaire du Travail Eleanor Sutcliffe
  • Department for Health/Département pour la santé
    • Secretary of Health/Secrétaire à la santé Matthew Barry
  • Department for the NADO/Département de l'ODNA
    • Secretary of NADO Operations in Canada/Secrétaire des opérations de l'ODNA au Canada Christopher Chapman
    • Ambassador to the NADO/Ambassadeur de l'ODNA Victoria McKenzie

  • Field Marshal/Maréchal Malcolm Dunnings
  • General/Général Jules Rancourt (I Army)
  • General/Général Geoffrey Payne (II Army)
  • General/Général Nathan Harpham (III Army)
  • General/Général Cedric Vermaut (IV Army)
  • Lieutenant General/Lieutenant-général Aaron Hart (I Corps)
  • Lieutenant General/Lieutenant-général Raphael Nicolas (II Corps)
  • Lieutenant General/Lieutenant-général William Rackley (III Corps)
  • Lieutenant General/Lieutenant-général Theodore Goldberg (IV Corps)
  • Lieutenant General/Lieutenant-général Andrews Maurice (V Corps)
  • Lieutenant General/Lieutenant-général Norman Lambourne (VI Corps)
  • Lieutenant General/Lieutenant-général Rosemary Hillingham (VII Corps)
  • Lieutenant General/Lieutenant-général Christian De Leener (VIII Corps)
  • Lieutenant General/Lieutenant-général Felix Delmotte (IX Corps)
  • Lieutenant General/Lieutenant-général Charles Watson (X Corps)

  • Admiral of Canada/Amiral de Canada Henry Pickford
  • Admiral/Amiral Robert Sterling (Atlantic Fleet)
  • Admiral/Amiral Ferdinand Bourdeaux (Pacific Fleet)
  • Admiral/Amiral Amelia Grant (Home Fleet)
  • Vice Admiral/Vice-Amiral David Putnam (1st Atlantic Fleet)
  • Vice Admiral/Vice-Amiral William Parry (2nd Atlantic Fleet)
  • Vice Admiral/Vice-Amiral Gregory MacKendrick (1st Pacific Fleet)
  • Vice Admiral/Vice-Amiral Hannah Harris (2nd Pacific Fleet)
  • Vice Admiral/Vice-Amiral Harold Ford (1st Home Fleet)
  • Vice Admiral/Vice-Amiral Alexander Pike (2nd Home Fleet)
  • Rear Admiral/Contre-Amiral Henry Parker (1st Battleship Squadron)
  • Rear Admiral/Contre-Amiral August Kennedy (2nd Battleship Squadron)
  • Rear Admiral/Contre-Amiral Laurence Stanley (3rd Battleship Squadron)
  • Rear Admiral/Contre-Amiral Cecil Prowse (4th Battleship Squadron)
  • Rear Admiral/Contre-Amiral Laurie Kingsley (5th Battleship Squadron)
  • Rear Admiral/Contre-Amiral Christian Beaux (6th Battleship Squadron)
  • Rear Admiral/Contre-Amiral Oliver Murray (7th Battleship Squadron)
  • Rear Admiral/Contre-Amiral Emilia Palmer (8th Battleship Squadron)
  • Rear Admiral/Contre-Amiral Frederick Clarke (9th Battleship Squadron)
  • Rear Admiral/Contre-Amiral Omer Vaillancourt (10th Battleship Squadron)
  • Rear Admiral/Contre-Amiral Albert Scott (1st Battlecruiser Squadron)
  • Rear Admiral/Contre-Amiral Olivier Rochefort (2nd Battlecruiser Squadron)
  • Rear Admiral/Contre-Amiral Lindsay Bate (3rd Battlecruiser Squadron)
  • Rear Admiral/Contre-Amiral Daisy Philips (4th Battlecruiser Squadron)
  • Rear Admiral/Contre-Amiral William Ridley (5th Battlecruiser Squadron)
  • Rear Admiral/Contre-Amiral Alexander Montcroix (6th Battlecruiser Squadron)
  • Rear Admiral/Contre-Amiral Robert Edwards (7th Battlecruiser Squadron)
  • Rear Admiral/Contre-Amiral
  • Rear Admiral/Contre-Amiral
  • Rear Admiral/Contre-Amiral
  • Rear Admiral/Contre-Amiral
  • Rear Admiral/Contre-Amiral
  • Rear Admiral/Contre-Amiral
  • Rear Admiral/Contre-Amiral

  • Field Marshal/Maréchal William Deneault
  • General/Général Alec Santerre (I Air Division)
  • General/Général Lucas Green (II Air Division)
  • General/Général Charles Scott (III Air Division)
  • General/Général Jenna Butler (IV Air Division)
  • General/Général Lawrence Stanley (V Air Division)


North America

  • Canada


Class Situation
Class III Class II Class III Class IV Class V
1st and 2nd Atlantic Fleets mobilised. Declaration of war imminent.
Organisations Allies Pacts Enemies

NADO flag
North American Defense Organization

Full Alliances

Mexican Flag
United Mexican States

State of Israel

United States of America

Caribbean Confederacy

Flag of Telos
Telosian Empire

Military Alliances
Trade Alliances
Flag of Neo Singapore
Singaporean Empire
Trade Pacts
Non-Aggression Pacts



As of now, officer applications for any Canadian military services are closed until further notice. Exceptions may be made in certain conditions.

Royal Canadian Armed Forces (Forces armées royales canadiennes)

The Royal Canadian Armed Forces is the main warfare force of our Nation. His Majesty heads the whole of the Armed Forces, with the title "Chief of the Armies" ("chef des armées").

Royal Canadian Army (Armée royale canadienne)

Army Formations

Total Number of Troops: 748,800  Conscription: Unutilised
Active Troops (460,800 troops)
I Army (172,800 troops) II Army (172,800 troops) IV Army (115,200 troops)
Commanded by: General Jules Rancourt

Status: Idle

Station: CFB Borden, Ontario


  • II Corps (Lieutenant General Raphael Nicolas)
    • 3rd Motorised Infantry Division
    • 13th Infantry Division
    • 7th Infantry Division
  • V Corps (Lieutenant General Andrews Maurice)
    • 1st Motorised Infantry Division
    • 15th Infantry Division
    • 8th Infantry Division
  • VI Corps (Lieutenant General Norman Lambourne)
    • 11th Infantry Division
    • 1st Canadian Mounted Cavalry
    • 7th Armoured Division
Commanded by: General Geoffrey Payne

Status: Idle

Station: CFB Vancouver, British Columbia


  • I Corps (Lieutenant General Aaron Hart)
    • 2nd Motorised Infantry Division
    • 5th Motorised Infantry Division
    • 1st Armoured Division
  • III Corps (Lieutenant General William Rackley)
    • 10th Infantry Division
    • 3rd Canadian Mounted Cavalry
    • 4th Armoured Division
  • X Corps (Lieutenant General Charles Watson)
    • 4th Motorised Infantry Division
    • 12th Infantry Division
    • 4th Canadian Mounted Cavalry

Commanded by: General Cedric Vermaut

Status: Idle

Station: CFB Ghent, Belgium


  • VIII Corps (Lieutenant General Christian De Leener)
    • 7th Motorised Infantry Division
    • 18th Infantry Division
    • 9th Armoured Division
  • IX Corps (Lieutenant General Felix Delmotte)
    • 14th Infantry Division
    • 2nd Armoured Division
    • 3rd Armoured Division
Reserved Units (288,000)
III Army (115,200 troops)
Commanded by: General Nathan Harpham

Status: Demobilised

Station: CFB Edmonton, Alberta


  • IV Corps (Lieutenant General Theodore Goldberg)
    • 14th Infantry Division
    • 9th Infantry Division
    • 2nd Canadian Mounted Cavalry
  • VII Corps (Lieutenant General Rosemary Hillingham)
    • 16th Infantry Division
    • 6th Armoured Division
    • 8th Armoured Division
  • 6th Motorised Infantry Division
  • 8th Motorised Infantry Division
  • 17th Infantry Division
  • 20th Infantry Division
  • 5th Armoured Division
  • 10th Armoured Division
  • 11th Armoured Division
  • 5th Canadian Mounted Cavalry
  • 6th Canadian Mounted Cavalry
Formation Amount of Troops Composition
Army 115,200-172,800 2-3 Corps
Corps 57,600 3 Divisions
Division 19,200 4 Brigades
Brigade 4,800 2 Regiments
Regiment 2,400 2 Battalions
Battalion 1,200 5 Companies



Royal Canadian Navy (Marine royale canadienne)

Total Number of Ships: 446
Active Ships
Atlantic Fleet
Admiral Robert Sterling
1st Atlantic Fleet
Vice Admiral David Putnam

Flagship - HMCS Hermes

2nd Atlantic Fleet
Vice Admiral William Parry

Flagship - HMCS Demeter

Pacific Fleet
Admiral Ferdinand Bourdeaux
1st Atlantic Fleet
Vice Admiral Gregory MacKendrick

Flagship - HMCS Artemis

2nd Atlantic Fleet
Vice Admiral Hannah Harris

Flagship - HMCS Hemera

Home Fleet
Admiral Robert Sterling
1st Home Fleet
Vice Admiral Harold Ford

Flagship - HMCS Persephone

2nd Home Fleet
Vice Admiral Alexander Pike

Flagship - HMCS Dionysus

Battleship List Naming Convention: Greek mythological figures
Ship Class Type Amount of Ships (Constructed/Planned) Known Ships
Endeavour Battleship (5) 8/8 Endeavour, Cassiopeia, Phoebe, Hecuba, Atalanta, Aeneas, Agamemnon, Endymion
Formidable Battleship (6) 6/6 Formidable, Diomedes, Ariadne, Odysseus, Aeolus, Eleusis
Illustrious Battleship (6) 5/5 Illustrious, Hermione, Theseus, Andromeda
Pandora Battleship (6) 8/8 Pandora, Helen, Menelaus, Otrera, Penelope, Alcmene, Psyche, Thalia
Europa Battleship (5) 8/8 Europa, Anchises, Castor, Pyrrha, Chrysothemis, Abas, Makedon, Proetus
Hippolyta Battleship (7) 6/6 Hippolyta, Amphiaraus, Phaeton, Clytie, Polyphemus, Brontes
Eunostus Battlecarrier (3) 7/8 Eunostus, Palaemon, Alcmaeon, Epaphus, Briareus, Arges, Ekecheiria
Orithyia Battleship (5) 6/8 Orithyia, Asterion, Glaucus, Eidothea, Arethusa, Nereus
Polymatheia Battleship (8) 4/4 Polymatheia, Acastus, Zelos, Thanatos
Aeacus Battleship (7) 5/6 Aeacus, Acrisius, Argyron, Lysagora, Ormenos
Euthymia Battleship (4) 6/8 Euthymia, Briseis, Benthesikyme, Charybdis, Palaemon, Nilus
Eurynome Battleship (7) 4/6 Eurynome, Pistis, Nike, TBA
Aglaea Battleship (6) 2/8 Aglaea, Polemos
Io Series II Battleship (8) 2/4 Io, Penthesilea
Beroe Series II Battleship (6) 3/8 Beroe, Sophrosyne, Eupraxia
Euphrosyne Battleship (4) 2/8 Euphrosyne, Talos
Hegemone Battleship (9) 1/1 Hegemone
Pasithea Battleship (6) 3/8 Pasithea, TBA, TBA
Victory Battleship (9) 1/1 Victory

Battlecruiser List Naming Convention: Female names
Ship Class Type Amount of Ships (Constructed/Planned) Known Ships
Vanguard Battlecruiser (4) 9/9 Vanguard, Georgette, Victoria, Isabelle, Erin, Alexandrine, Theresa, Charlotte, Brigitte
Antoinette Battlecruiser (6) 9/9 Antoinette, Evangeline, Kayleigh, Alissa, Amira, Micah, Lois, Alice, Jennifer
Wilhelmina Battlecruiser (6) 9/9 Wilhelmina, Vanessa, Leia, Francesca, Lydia, Erica, Georgina, Eugenie, Fiona
Mathilde Battlecruiser (5) 9/9 Mathilde, Melanie, Lauryn, Mariana, Taylor, Elsie, Adeline, Edith, Cassandra
Madeleine Battlecruiser (4) 9/9 Madeleine, Shannon, Abigail, Rosie, Bethany, Francine, Claudia, Constance, Viola
Patricia Battlecruiser (7) 7/7 Patricia, Julia, Anne, Justine, Katherine, Arrabella, Meredith
Danaë Battlecruiser (8) 2/2 Danaë, Polyhymnia
Olivette Battlecruiser (8) 2/5 Olivette, Ashley
Emilia Battlecruiser (6) 2/9 Emilia, Mia

Cruiser List Naming Convention: Amestresian towns and cities
Ship Class Days of Construction Amount of Ships (Constructed/Planned) Known Ships
Montréal 5 9/15 Montréal, Quebec, Ottawa, Charlottetown, Halifax, St. John's, Dieppe, Mount Pearl, Dartmouth
Mississauga 3 20/20 Mississauga, Fredericton, London, Hamilton, Kingston, Longueuil, Gatineau, Laval, Saint-Hyacinthe, Brossard, Kitchener, Peterborough, Brant, Laval, Vaughan, Repentigny, Moncton, Whitby, Terrebonne, Barrie
Windsor 4 19/20 Windsor, Belleville, Markham, Langley, Blainville, Brantford, Saint-Jérôme, Welland, Whitehorse, Estevan, Martensville, Lloydminster, Moose Jaw, Weyburn, North Battleford, Berthierville, Boucherville, Forestville, Asbestos
Brampton 5 11/20 Brampton, Edmonton, Burnaby, Shawinigan, Richmond, Humboldt, Contrecoeur, Summerside, Brockville, North Bay, Woodstock
Henriette Series II 4 4/15 Henriette, Pembroke, TBA, TBA
Vancouver 4/15 Vancouver, Saskatoon, TBA, TBA

Carrier List Naming Convention: Greek gods/goddesses
Ship Class Days of Construction Amount of Ships (Constructed/Planned) Known Ships
Hermes 15 5/10 Hermes, Dionysus, Persephone, Demeter, Hemera
Artemis 1/10 Artemis

Destroyer List Naming Convention: Number identifiers (Actual names are up to their commanders, or unless decreed by a higher authority)
Ship Class Days of Construction Amount of Ships (Constructed/Planned) Known Ships
Series A-1 1 75/75 S-1 through S-75
Series B-1 1 59/75 S-76 through S-134
Series C-1 2 31/75 S-151 through S-182
Series D-1 17/75 S-226 through S-242

Submarine List Naming Convention: Number identifiers (Actual names are up to their commanders, or unless decreed by a higher authority)
Ship Class Days of Construction Amount of Ships (Constructed/Planned) Known Ships
Series A-1 2 50/50 S-1 through S-50

Production Rate of Auxiliaries
Ship Class Days of Construction Amount of Ships (Constructed/Planned) Known Ships

Royal Canadian Air Force (Aviation royale canadienne)


Active Planes
Name Classification Amount
Willow Fighter/Ground Attack/Reconnaissance TBA
Hurricane Fighter/Ground Attack/Reconnaissance TBA


Total Number of Jet Fighters: 4,251
Land-Based Jet Fighters (3,600)
I Air Division (720) II Air Division (864) III Air Division (792)

Commanded by: General Alec Santerre

Status: Idle

Station: Atlantic Coast


  • 1 Wing
    • 1st Squadron
    • 2nd Squadron
    • 3rd Squadron
  • 2 Wing
    • 4th Squadron
    • 5th Squadron
    • 6th Squadron
  • 3 Wing
    • 7th Squadron
    • 8th Squadron
    • 9th Squadron
  • 4 Wing
    • 10th Squadron
    • 11th Squadron
    • 12th Squadron
  • 5 Wing
    • 13th Squadron
    • 14th Squadron
    • 15th Squadron
  • 6 Wing
    • 16th Squadron
    • 17th Squadron
    • 18th Squadron
  • 7 Wing
    • 19th Squadron
    • 20th Squadron
    • 21st Squadron
  • 8 Wing
    • 22nd Squadron
    • 23rd Squadron
    • 24th Squadron
  • 9 Wing
    • 25th Squadron
    • 26th Squadron
    • 27th Squadron
  • 10 Wing
    • 28th Squadron
    • 29th Squadron
    • 30th Squadron

Commanded by: General Lucas Green

Status: Idle

Station: Pacific Coast


  • 11 Wing
    • 31st Squadron
    • 32nd Squadron
    • 33rd Squadron
  • 12 Wing
    • 34th Squadron
    • 35th Squadron
    • 36th Squadron
  • 13 Wing
    • 37th Squadron
    • 38th Squadron
    • 39th Squadron
  • 14 Wing
    • 40th Squadron
    • 41st Squadron
    • 42nd Squadron
  • 15 Wing
    • 43rd Squadron
    • 44th Squadron
    • 45th Squadron
  • 16 Wing
    • 46th Squadron
    • 47th Squadron
    • 48th Squadron
  • 17 Wing
    • 49th Squadron
    • 50th Squadron
    • 51st Squadron
  • 18 Wing
    • 52nd Squadron
    • 53rd Squadron
    • 54th Squadron
  • 19 Wing
    • 55th Squadron
    • 56th Squadron
    • 57th Squadron
  • 20 Wing
    • 58th Squadron
    • 59th Squadron
    • 60th Squadron
  • 21 Wing
    • 61st Squadron
    • 62nd Squadron
    • 63rd Squadron
  • 22 Wing
    • 64th Squadron
    • 65th Squadron
    • 66th Squadron

Commanded by: General Charles Scott

Status: Idle

Station: Inland


  • 23 Wing
    • 67th Squadron
    • 68th Squadron
    • 69th Squadron
  • 24 Wing
    • 70th Squadron
    • 71st Squadron
    • 72nd Squadron
  • 25 Wing
    • 73rd Squadron
    • 74th Squadron
    • 75th Squadron
  • 26 Wing
    • 76th Squadron
    • 77th Squadron
    • 78th Squadron
  • 27 Wing
    • 79th Squadron
    • 80th Squadron
    • 81st Squadron
  • 28 Wing
    • 82nd Squadron
    • 83rd Squadron
    • 84th Squadron
  • 29 Wing
    • 85th Squadron
    • 86th Squadron
    • 87th Squadron
  • 30 Wing
    • 88th Squadron
    • 89th Squadron
    • 90th Squadron
  • 31 Wing
    • 91st Squadron
    • 92nd Squadron
    • 93rd Squadron
  • 32 Wing
    • 94th Squadron
    • 95th Squadron
    • 96th Squadron
  • 33 Wing
    • 97th Squadron
    • 98th Squadron
    • 99th Squadron
IV Air Division (576) V Air Division (648)

Commanded by: General Jenna Butler

Status: Idle

Station: Arctic Coast


  • 34 Wing
    • 100th Squadron
    • 101st Squadron
    • 102nd Squadron
  • 35 Wing
    • 103rd Squadron
    • 104th Squadron
    • 105th Squadron
  • 36 Wing
    • 106th Squadron
    • 107th Squadron
    • 108th Squadron
  • 37 Wing
    • 109th Squadron
    • 110th Squadron
    • 111th Squadron
  • 38 Wing
    • 112th Squadron
    • 113th Squadron
    • 114th Squadron
  • 39 Wing
    • 115th Squadron
    • 116th Squadron
    • 117th Squadron
  • 40 Wing
    • 118th Squadron
    • 119th Squadron
    • 120th Squadron
  • 41 Wing
    • 121st Squadron
    • 122nd Squadron
    • 123rd Squadron

Commanded by: General Lawrence Stanley

Status: Idle

Station: Foreign


  • 42 Wing
    • 124th Squadron
    • 125th Squadron
    • 126th Squadron
  • 43 Wing
    • 127th Squadron
    • 128th Squadron
    • 129th Squadron
  • 44 Wing
    • 130th Squadron
    • 131st Squadron
    • 132nd Squadron
  • 45 Wing
    • 133rd Squadron
    • 134th Squadron
    • 135th Squadron
  • 46 Wing
    • 136th Squadron
    • 137th Squadron
    • 138th Squadron
  • 47 Wing
    • 139th Squadron
    • 140th Squadron
    • 141st Squadron
  • 48 Wing
    • 142nd Squadron
    • 143rd Squadron
    • 144th Squadron
  • 49 Wing
    • 145th Squadron
    • 146th Squadron
    • 147th Squadron
  • 50 Wing
    • 148th Squadron
    • 149th Squadron
    • 150th Squadron
Carrier-Borne Jet Fighters (651)
Atlantic Fleet Pacific Fleet Home Fleet
  • HMCS Hermes
    • 101 Willows
    • 1st Naval Wing
      • 1st Naval Squadron
      • 2nd Naval Squadron
    • 2nd Naval Wing
      • 3rd Naval Squadron
      • 4th Naval Squadron
  • HMCS Demeter
    • 101 Willows
    • 3rd Naval Wing
      • 5th Naval Squadron
      • 6th Naval Squadron
    • 4th Naval Wing
      • 7th Naval Squadron
      • 8th Naval Squadron
  • HMCS Artemis
    • 146 Willows
    • 5th Naval Wing
      • 9th Naval Squadron
      • 10th Naval Squadron
      • 11th Naval Squadron
    • 6th Naval Wing
      • 12th Naval Squadron
      • 13th Naval Squadron
      • 14th Naval Squadron
  • HMCS Hemera
    • 101 Willows
    • 7th Naval Wing
      • 15th Naval Squadron
      • 16th Naval Squadron
    • 8th Naval Wing
      • 17th Naval Squadron
      • 18th Naval Squadron
  • HMCS Persephone
    • 146 Willows
    • 9th Naval Wing
      • 19th Naval Squadron
      • 20th Naval Squadron
      • 21st Naval Squadron
    • 10th Naval Wing
      • 22nd Naval Squadron
      • 23rd Naval Squadron
      • 24th Naval Squadron
  • HMCS Dionysus
    • 101 Willows
    • 11th Naval Wing
      • 25th Naval Squadron
      • 26th Naval Squadron
    • 12th Naval Wing
      • 27th Naval Squadron
      • 28th Naval Squadron

Formation Amount of Fighter Jets Composition
Air Division 576-864 8-12 Wings
Wing 48-72 2-3 Squadrons
Squadron 24 2-3 Flights
Flight 8-16

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