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Dag! The Kingdom of the Netherlands was previously under the rule of the Kingdom of Canada. After a surprising result from a referendum, the Dutch declared their independence from the Canadians. The new king of the Netherlands Rudie van Oranje and the Dutch government the Netherlands plans to be more aggressive on the world stage, due to her small influence in the world in recent times.


Political Leaders

  • King Rudie van Oranje
  • Prime Minister
  • Defense Minister
  • Minister of Economy
  • Minister of War
  • Attorney General
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs

Naval Officials

Army Officers

  • Lieutenant General Peter-jan Noordhuis
  • Major General
  • Major General
  • General
  • General
  • General
  • General

Air Force Officers

  • Major General
  • General
  • General
  • General

How to Join

Buy some stroopwaffles, and head to the nearest recruitment centre.

  • List what branches you want to join.
  • Character Names?
  • What will you contribute to the Netherlands?
  • Why do you wish to join?
  • When'd you learn how to bike?
  • JIj spraken Nederlands?

Threat Level

Threat Level
Condition Red Condition Orange Condition Blue Condition Green Condition White
With our newfound independence, be ready for anything.

Foreign Relations


Ship Design

Our naval doctrine prohibits the use of the traditional heavily armed cruisers, in favor of missile cruisers such as the Kiev and Ticonderoga. Designs are allowed in any way, as long as the design is logically sound. The use of horribly strange colors like pink on warships is not appreciated and prohibited, we prefer our ships somewhat camouflaged. All ships will use the acronym HLMNS before their respective names.

The Royal Navy of the Netherlands/Koninklijke Marine

The Dutch Navy can trace their heratige back to 1488. The navy had its peak in the age of sail when the Dutch navy was one of the most powerful on the planet. It was reduced to negleble size. Now as one of our strongest assets and the largest expanding one, the Koninklijke Marine continues to protect our seas and defend Dutch interests.



Aircraft Carriers



Frigates and Corvettes


Koninklijke Luchtmacht

Fighter Aircraft

Bomber Aircraft

Reconissance Aircraft, UCAVs, and UAVs

AWACS, Utility, and Logistics Aircraft

Koinlijke Landmacht

Artillery Systems

Land-based Missile Systems


Utility Vehicles

Infantry Equipment

Military Projects

Military projects used to defend the people of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and destroy enemies, push come to shove.