Mabuhay, welcome to the Luzon International Group of Companies! Most know us as the Luzon Group. We are currently the largest conglomerate in Southest Asia. We are based in Makati, the financial center and most urbanized city in the country. Our building, the Luzon Center, stands 728 meters tall with 174 floors making it the tallest in Southeast Asia and one of the tallest in the world.


Luzon International Shipping Corporation

The Luzon International Shipping Corporation, better known as LISCOR, is one of the largest shipping companies in the world. It handles large amounts of cargo coming in and out of the country, and sometimes even military weapons trade with other nations. LISCOR also owns 50% of Prime Pacific Cruise, a joint venture with Xenda Industries.

Cargo Vessels


  • LSC Alpha
  • LSC Beta
  • LSC Gamma
  • LSC Delta
  • LSC Epsilon
  • LSC Zeta
  • LSC Eta
  • LSC Theta
  • LSC Iota
  • LSC Kappa
  • LSC Lambda
  • 95 Others...


  • LSC Helios
  • LSC Selene
  • LSC Eon
  • LSC Phaeton
  • LSC Clymene
  • 75 Others...


  • LSC Pacifica
  • LSC Costa
  • LSC Thyrona
  • LSC Myrius
  • LSC Destrius
  • 64 Others...


  • LSC Commonwealth
  • LSC Laura
  • LSC Globe
  • 13 Others...

Escort Ships

Ship Class Vessel Type Number Active
Aparri DDG 80


  • Ships traversing this route are accompanied by a Aparri-Class escort. It signifies the growing trade between Telosia and the Commonwealth.


  • This route connects the Philipppines to one of the busiest cargo ports in the world in Busan, Korea. Korea is also one of the "Big 3" trading partners of the country.


  • Although Japan is under Korean rule, the Philippines is still willing to trade with Japan given that it has friendly relations with Korea. Japan is one of the "Big 3" trading partners.


  • This route signifies the booming trade between the Philippines and an unexpected friend: Vietnam. Vietnam is becoming part of the "Big 3" trading partners of the country, since they have established relatively friendly relations and the 2 nations are in close proximity.

Limay-Los Angeles-Lázaro Cárdenas

  • Usual trade route connecting the Philippines to its former largest trade partner, the USA. There is also an extended branch of the route leading to Mexico, one of the country's newer trade partners. Ships on this route are accompanied by a Aparri-Class escort, to guard against raiders.

Ogasawara Ferry

Limay Heavy Industries

Limay Heavy Industries was formed as the new Philippine Commonwealth came into existence. It operates one large shipyard in Limay, Bataan, as well as several prominent shipyards across the archipelago. The LHI's primary (and more or less only) contractor is the Grand Fleet of the Philippines. The Limay shipyard is the most well-known shipyard in the country, producing most of the fleet's battleships. The company grew and acquired the Philippine-based shipyards of bankrupted foreign companies, which are managed under Limay International Holdings.

WHAT YOU CAN BUY: One of my awesome battleships maybe, or perhaps just a small frigate. EXCLUSIVE TO MAJOR ALLIES ONLY.

Austal Philippines

Austal Philippines traces its history down to 1988, the creation of Austal Ltd. in Australia. The company constructed a shipyard in Balamban, Cebu, where most of Austal's commercial ships would be built. The company was highly successful until the rise of communism in Australia. Due to the company's close ties with anti-Cattirian nations such as the USA, they were bankrupted and forced to shut down. The shipyard was then bought by Limay Heavy Industries and placed under management of Limay International Holdings. Austal Philippines focuses on its original products, high-speed ferries.

WHAT YOU CAN BUY: Catti—Catamarans, High-Speed Ferries, Both, and whatnot.

Hanjin Heavy Industries

Hanjin Heavy Industries had a similar fate as Austal Philippines. When bankruptcy struck Hanjin Shipping, the sister companies knew that they would be next. Hanjin Heavy Industries met the same fate, filed for bankruptcy and closed its shipyards. It ended up being bought by Limay Heavy Industries. The company now operates in the Philippines and in Korea. Products are mostly large container ships, some of which are constructed for LISCOR.


Keppel Shipbuilding

Just like the other 2 companies under Limay International Holdings, Keppel Shipbuilding was purchased due to bankruptcy. It used to be a flourishing company in Singapore before communism got the better side of the nation and Keppel was forced to shut down. Keppel Shipbuilding, however, resumed business after being bought by Limay Heavy Industries. The company now operates in the Philippines, with its Singaporean facilities closed down.

WHAT YOU CAN BUY: Mostly anything except the freaky huge ships like what the larger shipyards could build...


  • PSE: PHL
  • Revenue: $12.29 Billion
  • CEO: Lucio Sia
  • Primary Hub: Cavite City
  • Secondary Hubs: Cebu City, Davao City, Clark, Kalibo, Iloilo

PhilAir is the flag carrier of the Telosian Commonwealth of the Philippines. It operates a large fleet of diverse aircraft, serving numerous airports both domestic and international. It is a sign of the improvement of the Philippine's aviation industry.


Country/Territory City Direct/Layover Longest Arm Distance (From Manila) Aircraft
Telosia Coronet Direct N/A Airbus A330-900neo
Telosia Neviston Direct N/A Airbus A380-800
USA Houston Layover: Honolulu, USA 8,537km
USA San Francisco Layover: Honolulu, USA 8,537km
USA Atlanta Layover: San Francisco, USA 11,225km
USA Chicago Layover: San Francisco, USA 11,225km
USA Los Angeles Layover: Honolulu, USA 8,537km
USA Miami Layover: San Francisco, USA 11,225km Boeing 777-9
USA New York Layover: San Francisco, USA 11,225km Airbus A380-800
USA New York Layover: San Francisco, USA 11,225km Airbus A380-800
USA Honolulu Direct 8,537km Airbus A330-900neo
USA San Francisco Direct 11,225km Airbus A330-900neo
Canada Toronto Layover: San Francisco, USA 11,225km Airbus A380-800
Canada Vancouver Layover: Honolulu, USA 8,537km Boeing 777-9
Canada Calgary Layover: Honolulu, USA 8,537km Airbus A330-900neo
Mexico Mexico City Layover: Honolulu, USA 8,537km Airbus A380-800
Korea Incheon Direct
Korea Pyongyang Direct
Japan Nagoya Direct 2,790km
Japan Tōkyō Direct 2,999km
Japan Ōsaka Direct 2,669km
Japan Fukuoka Direct 2,318km
Vietnam Huể Direct 1,454km
Vietnam Hồ Chì Minh Direct 1,614km
Vietnam Hà Nội Direct 1,757km
Thailand Bangkok Direct 2,212km
Guam Hagåtña Direct
Gilbert Islands Bonkiri Layover: Hagåtña, Guam 3,384km
East Polynesia Fa'a'ā Layover: Bonkiri, Gilbert Islands 5,897km
Fiji Nadi Layover: Hagåtña, Guam 4,999km
Tanzania Dar es Salaam Layover: Bangkok, Thailand 7,147km
Mozambique Maputo Layover: Bangkok, Thailand 9,386km
Kenya Nairobi Layover: Bangkok, Thailand 7,218km
South Africa Johannesburg Layover: Bangkok, Thailand 9,611km
South Africa Cape Town Layover: Bangkok, Thailand 10,758km
Egypt Cairo Layover: Bangkok, Thailand 7,248km
Israel Tel Aviv Layover: Bangkok, Thailand 6,936km Airbus A380-800
Turkey Istanbul Layover: Bangkok, Thailand 7,475km Airbus A380-800
Turkey Ankara Layover: Bangkok, Thailand 7,142km
Iran Tehran Layover: Bangkok, Thailand 5,464km
Iran Kish Island Layover: Bangkok, Thailand 5,035km
Saudi Arabia Riyadh Layover: Bangkok, Thailand 5,752km Airbus A330-900neo
Saudi Arabia Jeddah Layover: Bangkok, Thailand 6,520km Airbus A380-800
Qatar Doha Layover: Bangkok, Thailand 5,266km
United Arab Emirates Dubai Layover: Bangkok, Thailand 4,890km Airbus A380-800


City Direct/Layover Longest Arm Distance Aircraft

Aircraft In Service Passengers
F J Y+ Y
Airbus A321neo 0 8 30 158
0 0 42 186
Boeing 737 MAX 9 0 0 44 162
Boeing 777-9 4 16 52 218
0 25 64 312
Airbus A330-900neo 8 18 64 350
0 30 66 324
0 0 82 354
Airbus A380-800 12 35 80 655

Air Clark

  • PSE: CRK
  • Revenue: $9.4 Billion
  • CEO: Arturo Rodriguez
  • Primary Hub: Clark
  • Secondary Hubs: Manila, Cavite City, Cebu City, Davao City

Air Clark is a low-cost airline. It is the country's largest domestic airline, but it also operates a number of foreign routes. Air Clark seeks to make inter-island travel around the country very efficient. Air Clark's fleet is composed mostly of small aircraft.

Air Chichijima

Cammeon Corporation

The Cammeon Corporation, also known as CamCor, is a multinational corporation centered around the oil industry. CamCor handles almost 3/4 of the country's oil and gas. Sources estimate that the Philippines has trillions of dollars worth of untapped oil reserves, and CamCor has set to conquer the reserves. Its main oil fields are located in Malampaya, Palawan and in the formerly disputed Spratly Islands. Since the neighboring countries have dropped their claims, CamCor began constructing oil wells and oil rigs.

Max's of Manila

Max's of Manila, known popularly as Max's, is a restaurant chain serving fried chicken and various Filipino dishes. One of the more well-known restaurants in the Philippines, Max's has been making tasty Filipino dishes since it begain in 1945 to cater to American soldiers based nearby.


  • Philippines: 164
  • Israel: 42
  • USA: 38
  • Canada: 23
  • Telosia: 8

Pancake House

  • PSE: Not Traded
  • Revenue: $174.2 Million
  • CEO: Sharon Lee

Pancake House is a popular Philippine-based restaurant chain. As the name suggests, Pancake House specializes in pancakes and waffles. With its first branch in Magallanes in the '70s, the number of branches continued to grow. Pancake House now operates numerous branches worldwide.


  • Philippines: 147
  • Israel: 36
  • USA: 19
  • Telosia: 3

Yellow Cab Pizza

  • PSE: Not Traded
  • Revenue: $129.5 Million
  • CEO: Henry Tan

Yellow Cab Pizza is a Philippine-based fast food chain. It retails New York-styled pizza and other American/Italian food such as spaghetti.


  • Philippines: 179
  • Israel: 48
  • Canada: 25
  • Telosia: 12

The Beacon Foundation

The Beacon Foundation is the largest nonprofit organization in the country. A portion of the Luzon Group's revenue is annually donated to the Foundation, which in turn uses the money to build houses and give hope to the lives destroyed by poverty and natural disasters.

Prime Pacific Cruise

Prime Pacific Cruise is a Filipino cruise line and joint venture of Luzon International Shipping Corporation and Xenda Industries. It is the largest cruise line in Asia, and one of the largest in the world. Prime Pacific Cruise operates a large fleet of cruise ships on round trips and one-way trips to many destinations in the USA, Mexico, the Carribbean, Telosia and the Philippines.

Mercenary Operations

LISCOR secretly operates a mercenary fleet, which will raid enemy shipping during a war. It is only known to the Philippine and LISCOR High Command, not even the staff of LISCOR know about it. Its headquarters are located in a secret base somewhere along the east coast of Central Luzon.


Ship Class Vessel Type Number Active
Aparri DDG 50
Apayao Guided Missile Submarine 60

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