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  • Rubén Ballesteros


ARM Tenochtitlan

Active Military

8,000,000 (estimation including reserve)

Active Ground Vehicles


Active Aircraft


Active Ships


Total Population



Canada, Telosia, United States of America, Singapore, Philippines






Historically, Mexico has been neutral in international conflicts, with the exception of the Second World War, and will tend to preserve that stance, furthermore, the country promotes equality amongst all nations and may only intervene in bellic events if the nation's interests, infrastructure, resources and/or the people's wellbeing are affected by said conflict or it (the conflict) is in violation of any international treaty which is signed by the country.

Armed Forces

Mexico's armed forces are divided by two branches: the Navy and the Army; with the Navy including the Air Force within its ranks.

The Navy

The Mexican Navy is one of the two independent Armed Forces of Mexico. The actual naval forces are called the Armada de México. The Secretaría de Marina (SEMAR) (English: Naval Secretariat) includes both the Armada itself and the attached ministerial and civil service.


The Navy's stated mission is "to use the naval force of the federation for external defense, and to help with internal order".

Naval forces are also responsible for the protection of Mexico's vast maritime extension, support people in distress due to natural disasters and protect the country's interests on high seas.

The Air Force responds directly to the Navy's Admiralty, however, both organizations have freedom of action if a situation of war presents itself, this gives full command of aerial operations to the navy's chain of command.

Ships commissioned to the Mexican Navy must include the prefix "ARM" (Armada República Mexicana) by presidential decree.

The Army

The Mexican Army (Spanish: Ejército Mexicano) is the combined land and air branch and largest of the Mexican Armed Forces; it is also known as the National Defense Army.

It was the first army to adopt (1908) and use (1910) a self-loading rifle, the Mondragón rifle..

Mexico has no major foreign nation-state adversaries. It officially repudiates the use of force to settle disputes and rejects interference by one nation in the affairs of another. Although the nation has not suffered a major international incident, the government has taken into consideration the need of utilizing the ways of warfare if required by the circumstances of that time.

The Army also works in conjunction with the Navy and the Air Force in various types of operations, with the Admiralty being the pinnacle of the command chain.


  • We strive for equality, respect and solidarity among the most nations possible.
  • Become one of the most respected nations in the world.
  • Defend those against the threat of injustice.
  • Grow as a nation overall.

Member List

  • Fleet Admiral Rubén Ballesteros - A seasoned tactician and combatant, renowned by his skills in politics and diplomacy with other nations, he strives for the betterment of his nation and his allies.

Joining Application

In order to be a candidate for the Navy, you must comply with the following prerequisites in the page's comments:

  • Your character's name
  • A biography of said character
  • Desired Rank
  • Why do you want to join the Mexican Navy?
  • What mods/games do you use?
  • In what kind of ships do you specialize?

International Relations



Non-Agression Pacts

Declarations of War


Maritime Gallery

Aircraft Carriers



Heavy Cruisers

Light Cruisers




Aerial Gallery

Fighter Aircraft

Terrestrial Gallery

Main Battle Tanks


Maritime Roster

Points: 0/1600 - As of Tuesday, July 18th, 2017
Aircraft Carriers - 38 Total
 *Guerrero-Class - 10 built
 *Huitzilopochtli-Class - 10 built
 *Oaxaca-Class - 8 built, 2 planned
 *Chiapas-Class - 10 built, 0 planned
Battleships - 22 Total
 *Tenochtitlan-Class - 8 built
 *Quetzalcoatl-Class - 8 built
 *Teotihuacán-Class - 2 built
 *Tajín-Class - 4 built, 2 planned
Battlecruisers - 21 Total
 *Tijuana-Class - 9 built
 *Tlatelolco-Class - 4 built, 3 planned
 *Palenque-Class - 4 built, 3 planned
 *Mérida-Class - 4 built, 4 planned
Heavy Cruisers - 26 built
 *Cuauhtémoc-Class - 20 built
 *Cuitláhuac-Class - 6 built, 14 planned
Light Cruisers 
 *Comitán-Class - 40 built
Destroyers - 120 Total
 *Acamar-Class - 40 built
 *Polaris-Class - 40 built
 *Sirius-Class - 40 built
Submarines - 1 Total
 *Tipo I - 31 built, 19 planned
Total Ships - 298

Terrestrial Roster

Main Battle Tanks (MBT)
 *Legionario I - 8,000 units

Aerial Roster

Fighter Aircraft
 *Quetzal I - 4,000 units, production in progress

News and Announcements

November, 2016

  • New warships launched.
  • Diplomatic relations have begun.
  • Refitted Tenochtitlan Class, reclassified as battleships.
  • Teotihuacán Class reclassified as battleships.

December, 2016

  • Refitted Teotihuacán Class.
  • New destroyer class, Polaris.
  • The first class of nuclear aircraft carriers, Huitzilopochtli, is comissioned.
  • New light cruiser class.
  • New MBT enters service, the Legionario I.
  • Unknown corporation raided Mexican shipping vessels, their cargo consisted of golfing supplies.

January, 2017

  • New Belkan commerce raiders attacked an allied Telosian freighter, the Navy intervened and was victorious, survivors of both the Telosian and New Belkan vessels were rescued.
  • The Houses will now decide the course of action regarding a formal declaration of war against the nation of New Belka.

March, 2017

  • New fighter aircraft enters service, the Quetzal I.
  • Representatives dispatched to Germany and Singapore.
  • New ship classes comissioned.
  • Atlixco Class renamed Acamar, destroyer naming convention is now based on thenames of stars.

April, 2017

  • War! The People's Republic of New Belka has openly committed hostilities against Mexican forces near Africa.
  • The liberation of Chad has begun, our forces have encountered resistance, the Mexican impetus will overcome!
  • Additional warships and units have entered service, wartime production and drafting in full effect

May, 2017

  • New alliances and non-aggression pacts have been established.
  • Mexico will participate in the upcoming naval exercises held in the Pacific.
  • Mérida Class replaced by more a more adequate design.
  • Previous Mérida Class ships refitted and renamed.

June, 2017

  • New submarine class built and commissioned.

July, 2017

  • Military bases in Okinawa and Aogashima are to be built post-haste.

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