Welcome comrades to the Peoples Republic of New Belka. We are a strong nation that embodies the communist ideal, and are determined to destroy the capitalist pigs, and free their people from their chains. Our Supreme Leader Franz Vrinsk is all knowing, and will lead us to victory in any war! Join us comrade!


The flag of our great nation

The 'Peoples Republic of New Belka is a moderately sized communist dictatorship governed by the slightly insane Franz Vrinsk.

Our History

In most of the 20th century, New Belka was ruled by a constitutional monarchy. During the Cold War, conditions in the Kingdom of New Belka got worse and worse, while the government became corrupt and incompetent. Finally, with help from the Soviet Union, we rebelled in 1976. At that time, war weary from the Vietnam War, the United States was in no position to fight another war, and did not intervene. However, fearful that their own corrupt monarchy would be threatened, Telosia sent forces to support the New Bellan Monarchy.

Even with their forces supported by the Telosians, the Royalist forces were defeated. The Peoples Belkan Army, led by Josef Vrinsk, were victorious, and established a new government with Vrinsk as Supreme Leader. During the 1980s, we worked in close coordination with the Soviet Union, and were a feared powerhouse to our neighbors, especially the Telosians. Unfortunately, when the Soviet Union fell, we lost most of our support. Soon after, Supreme Leader Josef Vrinsk died. Soon after, his son Franz Vrinsk was made the new Supreme Leader, but our military still couldn't recover.

Eventually, we recovered some of our military strength, but without any allies to back us up, we cannot hope to win in a fight. So, our neighbors like the Telosians still wait, chained to their corrupt monarchs, waiting for salvation. But, we see potential allies rising to the challenge, and we may yet see victory.


  • Open Position

Peoples Belkan Army

Peoples Belkan Air Force

Peoples Belkan Navy

Known also as the Red Navy. Please refer to ships as he/him rather than she/her. Russian sounding named are preferred is possible, though anything referencing communism is acceptable.


  • We have declared war with the Telosian pigs with our comrades in Cattiria. We shall free their people from the shackles of their monarchy!
  • The Cattirian pigdogs have embraced capitalism and imperialism, all ties are severed and all forces returned home to continue our war with the Telosians alone!
  • Mexican warships have sank a capital ship! Retribution must be served and these enemies of the Revolution crushed! All forces be alert for combat!

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