Point Store

The Point Store is used to calculate how many Ships you can produce for that Month. It works like this, each Fleet is given a set amount of points per month. Now, the fleet uses those points to buy ships to be produced for that month. Each ship costs different points and once your points for that month are used up, you can't make more ships until the next month wen you get your points back.

NOTE: A new navy (AKA, a navy that has been made after May of 16th) cannot receive points if all of the following criteria are achieved -

  • It is obviously interlocked in a coalition to achieve a common goal with the same enemies and allies.
  • There is absolutely no doubt that two navies that the same user controls are working together.


Each navy starts off with 1000 points, and each Navy gains 400 Points per week. After the week is up, any unused Points roll over to the next week. This will happen until you have 1,600 Points, in which case no Points will roll over. You must post your up-to-date Points at all times. If you go over your points, you will have your points reduced for a certain amount of time.

Each navy also gets a 50 point flat "bonus" per week that doesn't roll over. This alternate points pool is capped at 50, meaning that there is no use in saving up the points. Further more, they cannot be used to facilitate the construction for your main points pool.


The points system can also be used to scrap ships, but beware - you only receive 75% of the original value of your ship back from scrapping. This could be a viable way of quickly removing irrelevant ships, but relying on it to "hard-counter" enemy fleets by making one particular class of ultra-dominant ship before a decisive battle could result in disastrous consequences in the long term.

Capital Ships

  • Battleship(Up to 6 Turrets): 200
    • 7-Gunner Battleship: 210
    • 8-Gunner Battleship: 210
    • 9-Gunner Battleship: 210
  • Battlecruiser(Up to 6 Turrets): 190
    • 7-Gunner Battlecruiser: 200
    • 8-Gunner Battlecruiser: 200
    • 9-Gunner Battlecruiser: 200
  • Battlecarrier(Up to TBD Turrets/TBD Jets): 195
    • TBD-Gunner Battlecarrier: 205
    • TBD-Gunner Battlecarrier: 205
    • TBD-Gunner Battlecarrier: 205


  • Light Carrier(1-50 Jets): 60
    • Attack Carrier(51-100 Jets): 120
    • Fleet Carrier(101-150 Jets): 160
    • Super Carrier(151-200 Jets): 200


  • Super Cruiser: (Up to 9 400mm guns): 100
  • Heavy Cruiser: (Up to 12 356mm guns): 35
  • Light Cruiser: (Up to 16 203mm guns): 25

Light Ships

  • Escort Carrier: 30
  • Destroyer: 15
  • Frigate: 10
  • Corvette: 5


  • Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarine: 50
  • Conventional Ballistic Missile Submarine: 40
  • Nuclear Attack Submarine: 40
  • Conventional Attack Submarine: 20

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