DISCLAIMERS: Your application will not always be accepted. Furthermore, by joining a Navy, you understand the risks of losing work put into said Navy, i.e. the leader of said Navy kicking you out and/or scrapping any of your ships.

Here is a list of navies/fleets that take part of the roleplay here on BSCF, as well as their respective spheres of influences. Want to see the locations of these nations/fleets on a map? check out the Map Room.

  • This indicates the navy is a power navy (Top 8).
  • A navy with a black font indicates that applications are closed.

NOTE: "Good" and "Evil" are subjective terms. In this case, these navies simply belong to different superpower blocs - each with different ideologies, territories, and conflicts. A nation could also exist in multiple overlapping blocs at the same time - a rare, but still possible occurrence.

Major Blocs of Power

NADO flag North American Defense Organization

Southern Pacific Sphere Of influence

  • NOTE: These three nations are no longer called the Union of Southern Pacific Socialist Republics, but the established alliances, pacts, and treaties still remain. They are currently aligned in a tight bond against opposing powers.

Telosian Sphere of Influence

Unaffiliated Navies

  • NOTE: While some of the aforementioned navies definitely have alliances, they are usually completely independent from influence from a sphere of influence - this is what sets them apart from the other navies such as Telosia or China

European (Kekistani) Bloc


NOTE: This bloc is unique because it single handily encompasses all respective nations into a single sovereign nation, similar to the now-defunct Union of Southern Pacific Socialist Republics.

KekNational Kekistani Empire, Consists of...

Notable Exceptions

SIXARDY remains as the wiki's first, and only boss fleet. It is not impossible to join SIXARDY, create ships for, or roleplay as it (apart from User:DocWeldin).

Both Carolina and Ireland are currently commanded by User:ProudAmerican1776 , who is currently on leave from BSCF due to IRL statuses like College and a Job. This means that his navies are on hold as of now.