Welcome good sirs and ladies to the Royal Telosian Navy! We are the naval branch of the Royal Telosian Military, and serve the Telosian Empire. If you wish to join up and serve The Crown, pour yourself a cup of tea, hop in to a dreadnought, and sail in to the nearest Telosian port to fill out the application below! Cheerio!

Flag of Telos

National flag, of the Telosian Empire


Naval Officers

  • Vice Admiral

Government Officials

  • Minister of Finance
  • MP
  • MP
  • MP
  • MP

Other Military Officials


Threat Level

BOER Condition
Condition Red Condition Amber Condition Blue Condition Green Condition White
War with Cattiria! All forces mobilizing for war. Close monitoring of Chile and China is to take place.

How to Join

First off, put a kettle on for tea, next, fill out this application, finally, enjoy the tea you've just brewed yourself!

  • What branches will you join? Will you just be joining the navy, or will you be joining others as well? There's also the marines, army, and air corps, you can also join the Telosian Parliament.
  • What are your characters' names? Please list names for your characters in all branches.
  • What kind of ships do you plan to bring? Will they be mighty dreadnoughts, graceful cruisers, stealthy submarines, or wicked fast torpedo boats?
  • Why do you wish to join and serve The Crown?
  • Will you be courteous and respectful to your fellow officers (other members)?
  • Do you pledge yourself to serve faithfully The Crown, obey orders, remain steady in the face of danger, and conduct yourself at all times as both an office and a gentleman?


This is the section where we represent the equipment used by our other military branches.



RAC Jack

Armored Vehicles


Army Jack


Landing Craft

The Fleet


Naval Jack

The very fabric of the navy, our reason to exist. All ships are to have the prefix of HMTS (His Majesty's Telosian Ship), and it is preferred that a pattern of the flag be painted on ships' decks to aid in visual identification.




Aircraft Carriers



Corvettes, Frigates, and Light Craft


Classified Weapons Projects

News and Announcements

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