Fleet Rules: Fleet Guidelines

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All Members must follow these rules and all Fleets/Nations must follow them as well. Violating these rules will result in a scolding while continuous violations will result in more extreme punishments.


In order to participate here, you must understand the following terms.

  • RP: Roleplay
  • IC: In Character
  • OOC: Out of Character
  • BSC: Battleship Craft
  • WSC: Warship Craft, BSC Clone.
  • NC: Naval Craft, more realistic BSC Clone.
  • Vanilla: Regular BSC with no Mods.
  • Hansa: Hansa Mod, a mod that adds extra parts to BSC.
  • SWC: Shin Wei Chou Mod, another mod that adds extra parts to BSC.
  • GM/Godmod: The act of exceeding ship number limitations and making invincible ships/vehicles. Staff Members can determine if something is Godmodding or not.
  • MG/Metagame: Using OOC obtained information for IC actions, even if said Character could no have known said information.
  • IRL: In Real Life
  • OP: Overpowering
  • Flying Ship: A ship that flies.
  • Fleet Ship: A ship with multiple pieces that look like a fleet of small ships sailing together.
  • Barge: Large flat ship that is heavily armed.
  • Super Warship: A ship that is heavily armored and armed that can go at high speeds.
  • ICBM: Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, a very destructive nuclear missile.
  • MCM: Mega Cruise Missile, term used to specify the Hansa ICBM.
  • Doomsday Cannon: a giant cannon in Hansa that fires 2,000cm Shells.
  • WMD: Weapon of Mass Destruction, examples are Nukes, Bio Weapons and Chemical Agents.
  • Regular Battleship/Battlecruiser: A Battleship/Battlecruiser with up to 6 Gun Turrets.
  • 7-Gunner Battleship/Battlecruiser: A Battleship/Battlecruiser with 7 Gun Turrets.
  • 8-Gunner Battleship/Battlecruiser: A Battleship/Battlecruiser with 8 Gun Turrets.
  • 9-Gunner Battleship/Battlecruiser: A Battleship/Battlecruiser with 9 Gun Turrets.

Rules of Fleets

All rules MUST be followed by all members to keep a safe environment here at BSCF.

  1. Keep a clean mouth and censor your swearing outside of Chat. Violation of this rule continuously will lead to a Short Ban but will be increased if the Violations aren't stopped.
  2. Keep Real World Politics out of RP.
  3. Control how many edits and comments you make to a specific page. Spamming is annoying and isn't enjoyed by anyone.
  4. Control the amount of Real Life pictures you add to your pages. Let your creativity shine.
  5. Don't Photo Spam, continued spamming will result in the photos being removed and a short ban.
  6. Flame Wars will NOT be tolerated in any way, shape or form here. Continued Flaming will result in a ban that will be increased and reinstated if you continue to Flame.
  7. Be friendly and don't mistreat fellow members.
  8. Don't post random junk, no one enjoys it.
  9. Respect other members and refrain from using certain words that could be interpreted as an insult towards someone. Be wise with your words.
  10. New Users must prepare themselves for constructive criticism as it WILL happen.
  11. Let the Fleets Staff do their job. Don't try and help a situation as we know how to handle these situations and budding in could worsen the situation. Continuous budding in could result in a Short Ban which will increase if you don't stop.
  12. When you make your Fleet/Nation, keep it logical. Don't make a Minecraft Creeper Galactic Empire or a Walmart Navy. Logic is Key here.
  13. Don't use insanely large font. Spamming threads with large fonts will be edited out.
  14. If you are banned, do NOT Ban Evade by using a different account. This will result in an increased ban and respect from other members towards you being lowered.
  15. You are required to join a side of the Russian Civil War. The purpose of the War is to prevent RP from being boring in times of peace.

Rules of Roleplay

  1. It is recommended that you use proper grammar so others can read your posts and understand them.
  2. No Godmodding, period. An example is if you destroy a Battleship with a Pistol or if a Lifeboat withstands 200 ICBMs. Godmodding will result in a 1 hour ban and Staff Intervention. Continuous violations will result in the ban doubling and your Fleet/Nation being deleted.
  3. No Metagaming. Keep the knowledge YOU know separate from what your CHARACTERS know. For example, if John hides his shoes in a Box in his house that know one else knows about, then Tom cannot go and take the shoes as he never saw them being placed in the Box. You may have seen the post, but your character didn't.
  4. If a user goes Inactive, their Fleets/Nations go inactive as well unless their are users in them. If all users in those navies are inactive, however, then that Fleet/Nation will also be considered Inactive and all RP Operations with said Fleet/Nation will be halted.
  5. Members are prohibited from killing another member's RP Character unless permission is given.
  6. If you are attacked, you will get hit, invincibility is out of the question, and resilience is a different matter.
  7. If you are invaded, the Attackers must allow the Attacked to respond and vice versa.
  8. You cannot control troops and characters that aren't yours unless given permission.
  9. When talking out of character, please say so by adding OOC: before the text or (()) around your text.
  10. The use of WMDs is Prohibited. Any attempt to use them will result in a severe punishment.
  11. Things you plan will probably NOT go as planed, you can't predict the future, expect worse case scenarios.
  12. Use logic and common sense in your posts. Like mentioned before, Logic is Key as well as Common Sense and Critical Thinking.
  13. Keep romance PG. Although Romance has no point to be included in RP as it doesn't directly affect events, however, character development is nice.
  14. You must be logged in to make RP posts. Failure to do so will make the RP post void.
  15. No Racism or Anti-Semitism, or any subject that is demeaning to a member's attributes or characteristics.
  16. No Flying Ships are to be allowed in RP. You can make them, but you can't use them here.

Rules of Online Battles

  1. Members with Mods can only battle Members with the same Mod.
  2. Respect your opponent.
  3. You're not a god, there is always someone that will overtake you.
  4. No complaining about losing, it's bad etiquette.
  5. No complaining about other types of ships, as all ship types are used by the community.
  6. Ship Capturing isn't recommended, taking credit for a creation you never made is not the way.

Rules of Diplomacy

  1. Respect all Fleets/Nations.
  2. No Executions of Leaders unless necessary.
  3. No Godmodding Fleets/Nations, a Staff Member WILL delete said nation.
  4. Users cannot gift a "limited ship class" (AKA Any ship class with a class restriction) from one of their own navies to another navy that they have complete control over.

Rules for Ships

  1. Show proof of a ship's existence with a picture. Said picture must be clear and show the entire ship. Do not intentionally blur images or otherwise alter them to be less clear.
  2. Your ship is allowed to be ugly, no one can say otherwise about your ship or they will be slapped in the face.
  3. Modded Ships of the same class as a Vanilla Ship have advantages during Online Battles. In RP however, they are equal.


  • Minor Violation: 2-24 Hours
  • Moderate Violation: 1-2 Weeks
  • Major Violation: 1-2 Months
  • Severe Violation: 3-6 Months
  • Extreme Violation: 6-12 Months
  • Garret Violation: Life Ban

To Be Continued

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