Sultanate of Indonesia




Indonesian (official), Chinese, English, Malay (recognized)


Islam (official); freedom of religion

Government Type

Sultanate (official), Constitutional Monarchy

The Sultanate of Indonesia is a large archipelagic nation in the heart of Southeast Asia, composed of the former territories of Indonesia and Borneo. Formed after the People's Cattirian Regime ceded its northern territories to their own people, the Sultanate plans to exercise its independence and aggressiveness among fellow Southeast Asian nations.

Indonesia is officially a Sultanate, although it leans closer towards a constitutional monarchy. The Sultan serves only as a ceremonial figurehead, the heir to the intermarried royal lines of Brunei, Indonesia and Sarawak. The main governing body is the Parliament, headed by a Perdana Menteri, or Prime Minister.

Foreign Relations


Government Officials

Naval Officers

Army Officers

Air Force Officers

Royal Indonesian Navy

The Royal Indonesian Navy in general is the most powerful armed force of the Sultanate. Being an archipelago, like the Philippines its naval force is the most influential among the other military forces.


Aircraft Carriers


Light Ships


Royal Indonesian Air Corps

Being an archipelago, the RIAC has plenty of small airbases to use to its tactical advantage. Though fielding slightly outdated aircraft, the RIAC has a stable base of indigenous aircraft production aside from aircraft purchased from the United States of America.

Fighter Aircraft

Bomber Aircraft

Air Support Aircraft, UAVs, UACVs, and Reconnisance Aircraft

AWACS and Logistics Aircraft

Royal Indonesian Army

The Royal Indonesian Army is the military ground force of the Sultanate. Though large due to the Sultanate's large population, it is quite underdeveloped and is still using late 20th century equipment purchased from the United States of America. However, many modernization projects are planned to begin and will turn the Royal Indonesian Army into a large and capable fighting force.

Infantry Equipment



Indonesian Military Projects

These projects are used to help Indonesian interests in the world.