• I know who you are, Flamme, or should I say, TWP/ScoutTheWolverine/Nimitz77/Skynet184. Guess what? You are busted. I know they are all your alts. Admit it, or face the wrath of admins banning you for having multiple accounts and abusing it. Come talk to me on the Wikia Chat (Since no one uses that anymore, it would be a discreet place).

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    • Hahaha you think I am one of flames alts, now I must laugh hahaha. You are completely wrong about that.

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    • If you go check on BSC/WSC/BSCN you will see that I am not what you believe I am. It should also be easy to see that we are not the same with the style of ships I make.

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    • Yeah... no.

      If all of these are my alt accounts, explain how I am able to post nearly around the clock, (Skynet's posts typically come around 10 PM-6 AM from my time)? Unless I literally stay awake 24/7, there is no way I can possibly make his posts.

      Furthermore, Skynet, Nimitz, etc. and I's writing styles are EXTREMELY different.

      It should also be noted that I have had several conversations both on and off wiki with all of the people you've mentioned, and you can literally see in the comments sections of several pages where Skynet, Nimitz, and I reply within seconds of each other. The only way I alone could be doing this is if log in and out of all of these accounts within seconds of each other, and comment using them.

      The only way I could possibly be all of these accounts, is if I was extremely rich, spoke Filipino, English, and Danish, had multiple houses in America, Denmark, and the Philippines, stayed awake 24/7 doing nothing but building ships and posting on the wiki, routinely flying between Denmark, America, and the Philippines, had multiple devices from which to build ships, log into the wiki, and post with, and I'd also have to be extremely delusional and crazy, as I'd be carrying out conversations with myself routinely, and actually creating this entire system... I doubt even an extremely wealthy person, with access to all kinds of secret government tech, would be able to effectively pull this off.

      Furthermore, if I actually had the ability to do all of this crazy alt-accounting, I'd also be able to hack into Wikia's servers, delete your entire account and all your posts, as well as track your IP and find your location, which I would then use to take you out. But obviously, I don't have that ability, as I am NOT all of these accounts.

      Now shoo, filthy peasant (probably Zum).

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    • Oh, fine, I guess you've busted me, huh?

      Yeah, I'm Flamme, so what? It's not my fault the admins didn't want me making large pagodas! Everyone told me, "no, stick to your German ships, no one likes pagodas here."

      But deep down, I know, as one who sympathizes with Germany, that Japan helped them out in their time of need (they lost but our fuhrer wasn't strong enough that's his fault). And so, I feel as if I should celebrate the wonders of Japanese shipbuilding along with my usual German endeavors.

      Go ahead. Report me to the admins. I don't care. None of those admins can do anything to me. Wolf, Kevin, Phantom, Zum, Pagoda Loadout, Loli-lovin' Mace, they can't do anything to SUPREME GERMAN ENGINEERING


      Flamme's actual alt

      (BTW Skynet, Nimitz, TWP and Scout aren't my alts, don't you dare try to strip their individuality as human beings away from them)

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    • Danke Doc. Hey, who's banning him? Oh wait, autobahn.

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    • ^Sincere Irony or Just plain Sarcasm?

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    • Sincere, ironic sarcasm.

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    • Lol

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    • Asian-European master race alliance against degeneracy and feminazis confirmed?

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    • Confirmed^

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    • A FANDOM user
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