United Central Pacific Republic
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The National Flag of the United Central Pacific Republic


Federal Republic

Head of State

President Sione Naitaku


Capital City



Welcome to the United Central Pacific Republic, a union of former Pacific nations and now independent from Cattirian rule. We are a prosperous nation, each of our states have the largest economies in the Pacific. Although we may be a little nation, made up of hundreds of atolls, together we will stand and never fall down!

Our motto, which reflects our nation's ultimate mission: "Peace in the World begins with Peace in the Pacific."



*President Sione Naitaku
*Vice President Arupaeo Taroatehoa
*Fleet Admiral Tufuga Aiono
*Fleet Admiral Mike Tepau
*Fleet Admiral Emori Umbari

Application Form

  • Do you speak any kind of Pacific Islander language? (Not required)
  • What will you build for the UCPR?
  • Are you willing to build whatever is needed? (Don't worry, we won't be strict)
  • Your RP name?
  • Do you have Discord?

Find Yourself A Name

We know, finding Pacific Islander names are hard. So here's a list of websites to help you mix-and-match names! Just, no Hawaii please. It's too far.

Given Name


Marshall Islands (MI)
*Capital: Majuro
*Area: Marshall Islands
Gilbert Islands (GI)
*Capital: Tarawa
*Area: Nauru, Gilbert Islands
Tuvalu (TV)
*Capital: Funafuti
*Area: Tuvalu, Wallis and Futuna
Samoa (SM)
*Capital: Upolu
*Area: Samoa, Tokelau
South Pacific (SP)
*Capital: Viti Levu
*Area: Fiji, Tonga, Niue (Geographical)
Cook Islands (CK)
*Capital: Rarotonga
*Area: Cook Islands, Niue (Political & Official)
Austral-Society Islands (AS)
*Capital: Tahiti
*Area: Austral and Society Islands
Tuamotu Islands (TM)
*Capital: Rangiroa
*Area: Tuamotu Islands
Marquesas Islands (MQ)
*Capital: Nuku Hiva
*Area: Marquesas Islands 

International Status

The UCPR wishes to become a peaceful nation, although keeping a military for defense purposes. The UCPR looks forward to Peace in the World, which begins with Peace in the Pacific. It continually strives to ease tensions even between the worst of enemies.


  • None

Non-Agression Pacts

Trade Agreements

  • None


  • None

United Pacific Armed Forces (UPAF)

United Pacific Navy (UPN)

Naval Roster

*Tarawa-Class FFG: 111
*Fiji-Class Light Cruiser: 23
*Kwajalein-Class Corvette: 78
*Samoa-Class Heavy Cruiser: 12
*Tahiti-Class DDG: 90

Pacific Marines (PAM)

The Pacific Marines are the elite force of the UPAF. They are considered one of the world's best Marines; not because they are powerful, not because they are many, but because they have lived most of their lives as "Marines". A hundred percent of the population lives on islands and atolls, while a majority of the working force is sea-related.

Air Force of the Union (AFU)

Air Force Roster

*T-24 Hawkins: 76
*T-14: 164

United Pacific Army (UPA)

Army Roster

*M1 Warrior MBT: 214

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