United Central Pacific Republic
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'The National Flag of the United Central Pacific Republic'


Federal Republic


President Sione Naitaku



Capital City

Tarawa, Capital District

Welcome to the United Central Pacific Republic, a union of former Pacific nations and now independent from Cattirian rule. We are a prosperous nation, each of our states have the largest economies in the Pacific. Although we may be a little nation, made up of hundreds of atolls, together we will stand and never fall down!

Important Characters

*President Sione Naitaku
*Vice President Arupaeo Taroatehoa
*Admiral Tufuga Aiono
*Vice Admiral Emori Umbari
*Vice Admiral Mike Tepau

Application Form

  • What will be your RP name?
  • Do you have Discord?
  • Are you willing to defend the Republic and ensure peace for the people?
  • What kind/s of ships/equipment will you be building?

Find Yourself A Name

We know, finding Pacific Islander names are hard. So here's a list of websites to help you mix-and-match names! Just, no Hawaii please. It's too far.

Given Name

List of States and Territories


Marshall Islands (MI)
-Capital: Majuro
-Area: Marshall Islands
Gilbert Islands (GI)
-Capital: Tarawa
-Area: Nauru (de-facto), Gilbert Islands
Tuvalu (TV)
-Capital: Funafuti
-Area: Tuvalu, Wallis and Futuna
Samoa (SM)
-Capital: Upolu
-Area: Samoa, Tokelau
South Pacific (SP)
-Capital: Viti Levu
-Area: Fiji, Tonga
Cook Islands (CK)
-Capital: Rarotonga
-Area: Cook Islands, Niue
Austral-Society Islands (AS)
-Capital: Tahiti
-Area: Austral and Society Islands
Tuamotu Islands (TM)
-Capital: Rangiroa
-Area: Tuamotu Islands
Marquesas Islands (MQ)
-Capital: Nuku Hiva
-Area: Marquesas Islands 

Special Administrative Districts

Capital District (CD/TR)
-Capital: Tarawa
-Area: Tarawa Atoll
Nauru District (NR)
-Capital: Yaren
-Area: Nauru Island (de-jure)

Federal Territories

Pitcairn (PT)
-Capital: Pitcairn
-Area: Pitcairn Islands

Foreign Relations

United Pacific Armed Forces (UPAF)

United Pacific Navy (UPN)

Naval Roster

*Tarawa-Class FFG: 111
*Fiji-Class Guided Missile Light Cruiser: 36
*Kwajalein-Class Guided Missile Corvette: 81


  • AHM-23 "Spearfish": A small, easily-deployed anti-ship missile, with roughly the same characteristics as the American Harpoon anti-ship missile.
  • GAM-10 ":

Pacific Marines (PAM)

The Pacific Marines are the elite force of the UPAF. A popular joke worldwide is that all citizens of the Pacific are automatically accepted as "Marines", however it is also partly true and can be taken seriously to a point. Pacificans are highly skilled in sea-related activities, and have been immersed with the sea for thousands, maybe millions, of years.

Air Force of the Union (AFU)

Air Force Roster

*T-24 Hawkins: 76
*T-14: 164

United Pacific Army (UPA)

Army Roster

*M1 Warrior MBT: 214

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