So I came up with some ideas:

1. The main problem on BSCN started when we started making space capable flying bricks that could one shot anything we previously had. If we eliminate the bricks, it will drastically increase this wikis lifespan.

2. Along with 1, the problem was that we stuffed as many guns as we could onto the ships. If we simply put only a few guns on the ships (assuming we have flying ships) we could eventually wind up with a space faring BSCF, but without the massive ships. Make smaller ships, focus on the details instead of the toughness.

3. Our surface ships should be made like the ships of the past, not stuffed with small, fast firing guns, but having a ship that actually looks like a ship, wi real physics, like no shooting through parts.

4. We should allow more nations to be open, so there can be (ex) an African navy, since we basically never use Africa for anything.

I'll add more later