Xenda Industries is the largest defense contractor in the country, based on the island of Luzon in the Philippines. Its main focus is building transportation and weapon systems. Xenda has an entire division dedicated to military equipment, but it does not want to be involved in any conflict (As if, Do you really want to declare war on a corporation?) but it will willingly sell equipment to both sides of a war as long as they pay well for it, although it is strictly prohibited to sell equipment to enemies of Telosia and the Philippines. Xenda also maintains a defense force, the XSF or Xenda Security Force, tasked to protect Xenda's property in times of war.


The headquarters and main office of Xenda Industries is located in Makati City, the most advanced and modern city in the country. Xenda Yards, Xenda's main factory for ships is located in Nasugbu which is near to Xenda's main port, Manila. The entire aircraft sector including offices, factories and an airfield for Xenda's planes are located in the Bataan province, which lies just across the coast of Manila. Multiple ground unit factories are located across the island.

XSF Locations

The headquarters of the XDF is located near Xenda Aircraft in Bataan. The main port of the XDN is next to Xenda Yards in Nasugbu. The XAD is also located near to the XDF headquarters.

Map of Major Locations

  • Blue: Main Port
  • Green: Headquarters
  • Yellow: Xenda Yards/XDN main port
  • Purple: Xenda Aircraft/XDF and XAD headquarters

Export Rules and Regulations

These are generalized guidelines. Should there be something that would benefit the company greatly, it will be put into action whether it follows the regulations or not (Aside from selling to enemy nations)

  1. Goods for the public will almost never be restricted unless it is either deemed necessary or it might bring upon war.
  2. Exports will be available for mostly everything in the military department except ones denoted with no export available, for any reason. These restrictions are general and are for the random browsing nation looking for better equipment.
  3. Sanctions can be placed on nations/organizations therefore forbidding them to purchase equipment, it will be decided by the heads of the corporation. It may be in the form of raising prices for a said nation/organization, limiting the amount of items to be purchased, or a complete embrgo where Xenda will not conduct business with a said nation/organization.

The following nations currently have sanctions placed on them:

  • People's Cattirian Regime: Military embargo

Civillian Department


​Vehicle Name Cost (USD)
C-12 $430,000
P-100 $85,000,000
P-100ER $105,000,000

Military Department


Vehicle class Export Available? (Y/N) Cost(USD)
GSA-5 Y $500000, with XE-127 $530000
XF-100 Y $19800000

Ground Vehicles, Guns, & Equipment

Vehicle Class Export Available (Y/N) Cost(USD)


Ship Class Vessel Type Number Produced (Including Exported Units) Notes Export Available (Y/N) Cost (USD)

Xenda Security Forces

The Xenda Security Forces is a branch of Xenda Industries completely dedicated to defending Xenda's assets in times of war. It is divided into 3 branches:

  • Xenda Defense Forces (XDF). All troops and ground units of Xenda Industries fall under this branch
  • Xenda Air Defense (XAD). All aircraft in service with Xenda fall under this branch.
  • Xenda Defense Navy (XDN). The fleet of Xenda Industries.




Aircraft Type Active planes
GSA-5 Ground Strike Aircraft 40
XF-100 38


Ship Class Vessel Type No. Of active ships
Agila Destroyer 10
Kyamko Guided Missile Destroyer 38
Locust Light Cruiser 25
XDSB-03 Super Dreadnought


XDSC-04 Super Battlecarrier 3

Xenda Transport

Xenda Industries also operates a number of passenger ships servicing routes around Philippine waters to earn money in times of low demand for equipment. (Ship prefix: XET)

Transport Fleet

Ship Class Vessel Type No. Of active ships
Serene High-speed Catamaran 27
CSX-1 Cruise Ship 6

Active Routes

Route Ship/s Servicing
Manila-Cebu Serene (1)